4 Best Friends and a Lover

One Direction Fanfic
Niamh is a 17 year old girl whose half brother happens to be Louis Tomlinson. Her step father has abused her for years and now something is happening to stop it. Niamh is moving to England, to live with her brother. But with four other boys living in the house, is anything going to happen? And how will Louis react if it does?


15. A day with Niall.



God! I'm so stupid!! I tried to be all romantic and make her breakfast, and make it all nice. But no, Niall. No. You fucked up like you always do. Niamh looked beautiful. Her dress suited her so much. She's so amazingly beautiful. 

We finished eating breakfast at about half 10 and we left. She's going to love today so much. 

We got into the car and before I could put my foot on the pedal she looked at me and said.

"Now, Niall. Can you PLEASE tell me where we're going!?" I laughed.

"No! Wait and see! We'll be there in a bit!!!" 

"Arrgh!!" She groaned. I started driving and she put the radio on.


I wonder where he's taking me.. I'm really looking forward to today. I day for just me and Niall. Niall and me. Niall and Niamh. Imagine if we were together.. We would make such a good--

"OK then, Niamh, we're here!" 

I looked up from my daydream to find that Niall had parked the car in a dark alleyway at the back of an old, run down estate.

"Er.. This is.. nice?" I stuttered, trying to think of what to say.

"Really, Niamh? Really? You think this is it?"

"Well knowing you Nialler.." I winked as a replied cheekily.

"Pfft! Whatever!" He laughed, "Now shut your eyes!"

Well this is new. I haven't walked around a dark alleyway with my eyes closed before. And I never want to do it again. It's so scary! Loads of really bad memories kept flooding back from all the times Nick had sneaked into my room in the dark without me noticing and.. and.. I can't think about this now. A day out with Niall. What more could I hope for?

"Ok, you can open your eyes now!" Niall told me.

I opened my eyes to see that I was standing on a beach. Not a typical English beach. Not muddy sand and brown sea. This beach was different. It was either looked after REALLY well, or it was all artificial. Either way, I didn't care. It was beautiful. The sand was almost white, the sea was a gorgeous greeny blue. And I loved it. On the sand, quite a distance away, was a fairground. And a cafe. I was speechless.

"I.. I.. It's.. Wow." Was all I could get out. "Where is this place!?"

"I can't tell you that can I? It would ruin the feeling of Spain!" He laughed.

We sat down on the sand for a while - I still couldn't believe it. Was this really happening? I was in dreary old England, but sat here on a lush whitesand beach with Niall-freaking-Horan damn it. 

It's decided.

My life, is amazing. 

We sat on that beach, for what felt like hours, just talking. Talking about eachother. I can honestly say, there's no other way I would rather spend my time. I learnt so much about him! And he learnt so much about me. Although, after our many conversations that day, I was worried I was going to fall for him. And fall hard. But when he said this, my worries were answered.

"You know what, Niamh?" He asked me. "I really feel like I've know you for years now, even though it's just been a few days. I feel like I could trust you with anything."

"I feel exactly the same way, Niall." Was all I said to him. We looked at eachother for a little while. When Niall started leaning in. I knew he wasn't going to kiss me, because he's not like that. But I was curious about what he was going to do.

"Race you to the fairground." He whispered in my ear, followed by a peck on my cheek. And he started running.

"Hey!! No fair!! You get a headstart!" I shouted to him!

"Should work on your reflexes, babe!" He shouted, without looking back. But I could tell he was smiling. I could hear it in his voice. There was only one thing for it. I left all of my things and ran after him as fast as I could. I'm quite a fast runner. I always won the girls sprints at school. But Niall had to much of a head start, so I gave up and walked over to the idiot who was jumping up and down screaming "I won, I won!!! Wooo!!! I. AM. SPARTAAAA!!!" He never fails to make me laugh.

I, Niamh Tomlinson, had fallen for that hot, funny, caring, mental, lovely, Irish clown.




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