The odd moments are the best moments <3

18 year old AndieKay is your average 18 year old girl. That is until she makes some unexpected friends. LOUIS, NIALL,HARRY,LIAM, AND ZAYN!!! But the wierdness doesn't end there. She might fall for one. She might not! But will she break the bro code, and break them apart? I don't know! She has been going to a hiop hop club ever since her brother Andy died. Yes their names are both the same! But she goes to the club under her brothers name! Then she meets some unexpected people there. Will she let her brothers passion die?. Lets hope not!


6. To the gym :D

AndiKay POV

I take them to my personal gym. Yes I have my own gym for just me. You act like you've never seen a person this rich. Their jaws hit the floor, and Liam runs straight for the tredmills. As do I. I get one next to him. I tie my hair up to reveal my tatoos. One goes down the length of my neck, and I says "The odd momens are the best moments...<3" he must have saw them because he has his hand up ready for a high five. I look down at his forearms, and they have arrows pionting to hands. I don't get it? I turn on the treadmill, and I set the timmer for 5 minutes, and run when it beeps. I put it on full speed, and was off. Liam looked suprised because he was going slower than me. I laugh beacuse he looks so shocked. The other boys finallt walk in, and Niall yells "I can go faster!" He turns it on full speed, and instantly falls. I giggle. I get off, and run to the kitchen, and get him an ice pack. "Looks like I have a rookie in my gym... go at a slower pace to start of with okay?" I kiss him on the cheek, and start to run on the treadmill again. After my five miutes are done I go to the chest lifts. "Can someone be my spoter?" I ask. Louis come running over. Wow! I never knew how big his biceps were. "I will do 50pounds today. It is a lazy day for me!" he smiles. I have him spot me but I didn't even need him to be my spoter. I was used to doing things alone. After I was done I call them to thr middle of the room. "Do you guys want to move in here?" I asksed. "Yes!" they almost imeadiately replyed.

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