The odd moments are the best moments <3

18 year old AndieKay is your average 18 year old girl. That is until she makes some unexpected friends. LOUIS, NIALL,HARRY,LIAM, AND ZAYN!!! But the wierdness doesn't end there. She might fall for one. She might not! But will she break the bro code, and break them apart? I don't know! She has been going to a hiop hop club ever since her brother Andy died. Yes their names are both the same! But she goes to the club under her brothers name! Then she meets some unexpected people there. Will she let her brothers passion die?. Lets hope not!


1. The unexpected end.. :(

AndieKay POV

I kneel there in front of the cold flat piece of stone with his name. I shiver as I dust of the marble of his grave. He was the only one I could turn to. But he  is gone. He got hit by a drunk driver, and swirved of the road, and drown. I t was a disgusting sight. But, it was hard to let him go. But, no matter what. I am going to keep his passion alive! I get up, and walk away. I walk to my motorcycle. I starp on his old helmet, and drive off. Bye brother...

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