The odd moments are the best moments <3

18 year old AndieKay is your average 18 year old girl. That is until she makes some unexpected friends. LOUIS, NIALL,HARRY,LIAM, AND ZAYN!!! But the wierdness doesn't end there. She might fall for one. She might not! But will she break the bro code, and break them apart? I don't know! She has been going to a hiop hop club ever since her brother Andy died. Yes their names are both the same! But she goes to the club under her brothers name! Then she meets some unexpected people there. Will she let her brothers passion die?. Lets hope not!


2. Keeping the passion alive! :3

AndieKay POV

I run up stairs to Andy's room. I love the smell of his colone. I grab a tanktop, and a baggy sweat shirt. It's not like I nedd to hide my boobs the problames is i am super flat chested. I grab his sweat pants and i pin my hair down, and put on his beanie. I slip on his old mask. That way I am not AndieKay. I am am Andy. I put on his sneakers, and his colone,. I spray a little on me. I grab my motor cycle keys, and am off down the stairs. I jump on put on the helmet, and I am off. I stop at the club and  go inside. Ah the smell of sweat and desperation. I walk up to the DJ, and tell him the put on the mic. for a second. I grab it, and he smile, and nods. "TODAY IS THE DAY I PROMISED TO SHARE MY IDENTITY!!!" i yell in a man voice that i am too good at. they all cheer me on. "WELL HERE IT GOES I AM NOT ANDY! I AM ANIDEKAY!!! HIS..." i pause as ai take off my hat and all the pins that hold it up, and let it flow down, and take off the mask, and everyone is shocked. "I AM HIS SISTER!!! ANDY DIED WHEN I WAS 3!!! I PROMISSED HIM I WOULD KEEP HIS PASSIN ALIVE!!! AND I AM GOING TO ROCK THE HOUSE!!!" i yell at the top of my lungs. There was not a dry eye in the room. I look at the Dj and nod. He know what to do. Then I pull of my sweat shirt to reveal my tank top., and take my elastic, and put up my hair in a messy pont tail. Here I go! When i give him anther nod the song "All we are we all" by pink suges through the room. It feels good to hear that farmiliar beat under my feet. I break loose and dance my heart out. At the end I do a flip in the air, and land in a hand stand then flip back on to my feet. I smile, and walk off andout of the club with a huge smile on my face. I did well

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