The odd moments are the best moments <3

18 year old AndieKay is your average 18 year old girl. That is until she makes some unexpected friends. LOUIS, NIALL,HARRY,LIAM, AND ZAYN!!! But the wierdness doesn't end there. She might fall for one. She might not! But will she break the bro code, and break them apart? I don't know! She has been going to a hiop hop club ever since her brother Andy died. Yes their names are both the same! But she goes to the club under her brothers name! Then she meets some unexpected people there. Will she let her brothers passion die?. Lets hope not!


3. It is not the end! o.o???

Louis POV

All of a sudden the speekers screech. Niall covers his ears as I laugh at him. Then Andy walks up on stage. Wow! I can't wait to see what his true identity is! I have been coming here for eight years, and so has Andy. He walks up on stage, and i cant keep still in my seat. I keep my eyes on him but then he takes his hat off and out a bunch of pins, His hair flows down his face like a water fall, and then he takes his mask off. Except it isn't a hee under the mask it is a she! She is pretty too! then she shouts again , and nods at the Dj. then the beats surge through the room. Then she break loose and the music flows through her. She is walking out the door and too her motor cycle. I run up to her with the boys on my tail. She smiles and says no autographs. 0.0???

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