The odd moments are the best moments <3

18 year old AndieKay is your average 18 year old girl. That is until she makes some unexpected friends. LOUIS, NIALL,HARRY,LIAM, AND ZAYN!!! But the wierdness doesn't end there. She might fall for one. She might not! But will she break the bro code, and break them apart? I don't know! She has been going to a hiop hop club ever since her brother Andy died. Yes their names are both the same! But she goes to the club under her brothers name! Then she meets some unexpected people there. Will she let her brothers passion die?. Lets hope not!


7. 5 lovelies

AndieKay POV

I have been living with them for one day and it is already hectic. I can't even sleep tonight. I can only hear my thoughs, and the dripping of the sink. I get up, and grab my teddy bear that Andy gave to me. His name is Iggy. I walk to the end of the hallway, and open Louis door. "Louis...I can't sleep....can i sleep with you?" I ask hugging Iggy as tight as I can. "Yeah sure.... get in." he says scooting over enough for me to lay down next to him.I lay next to him. He is warm, and I just realised he is shirtless. I snuggle up to him, and I feel him arms wrap around me. It feels good to have some one to go to. He starts to whisper my favorite song in my ear. "Fall for you" by secondhand seronade. His rythme is just right. He hits every note with no problame. I loved being in his warm embrace.

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