So this is a one direction fanfic louis has been in love with a singer snice she started in a band called Take Time ( i know its not a very good name for a girls band but still) there was 5 of them sh was 15 all the other girls were 16-18 one they all there fans said suzie you rock go do it your ow way. Her life was never right. But will louis change that and th rest of the boys???
You will only know if you read.


1. My life not yours

Suzies P.O.V

"Suzie move your ass your in my light" That was Stacey, she is the oldest of our band Take Time. She likes to think shes the boss of the band... More like the bitch of the band. I hate her shes always telling me what to do. My uncle Simon Cowell found out by my cusions that i can sing dance play loads of music. I love that they did that but if i wanted to let people hear my voice i would have to be in a band with two other girls.


"Suzie do what Stacey said move your ass and fast" Thats rose shes nicer than Stacey.

" If you give me time i might be albe to"I said with sass in my voice I hate how they just boss me around. We are doing a photo shoot its for our new single 'Live your life' I wrote that song I love it.


" All done. You can go now bye" Said dave he was they person that takes our pics.

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