True Colours

Silver Birch High School is the perfect place to start over. To forget. All she needed was a good first impression and her best friend Kayla Brent at her side.

At least that's what Laryssa Forest thought when she first entered the gorgeous, stone academy. But will a group of five guys, some unkind words and accidentally falling in love change all of her perfectly laid plans? And more importently, will the scars of the past she's been trying so hard to seal be reopened? See what happens when Laryssa is forced to reveal her True Colours.

This is my first (of hopefully many) fan fiction. I would appreciate any feedback as long as it's stated kindly....after all, nobobys perfect! I'm so excited and hope you'll read, like, comment and maybe even favourite "True Colours". Enjoy! :)x


4. Truth or Dare?


Laryssa's POV

"Amazing, absolutely amazing." Harry mumbled from beside me. Even now, a week later at Louis' house, my exchange with Cassie was all anyone could talk about. No matter how much I didn't want it to be. How come when I try so hard to stay backstage, I always end up in the spotlight?

Harry must've noticed my less than pleased expression because he inched closer to me. " Everything OK?" He asked. I felt my heart leap when the tips of his curls brushed lightly against my cheek.

I hadn't stopped thinking about him since the first day at school when he made me feel better after running into Cassie. Harry. He had stayed by my side the whole day, waiting outside the doors of all my classes. He even walked with me home. I tried to ignore him. Pretend he wasn't even there. If I keep blocking him out maybe, just maybe, he'll go away.

"Yeah...Fine." I said shortly.

Harry opened his mouth to say something else but was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. "Pizza's here!!" Louis declared.

We all grabbed a couple slices and sat on the couch. Niall had ordered every possible topping minus feta cheese. I grimaced at the saucy mess on my plate. "Seriously, Niall? Even anchovies?" I complained, crinkling my nose in disgust. But all he did was stick out his tongue and continue eating.There is no doubt Niall's the stomach of the group.

"So what now?" I asked, shifting over on the velvety fabric to face Liam. "We play Truth or dare and eat pizza until we throw up" he said. I raised my eyebrows. "Should I be scared?" I asked. "Very." He smiled casually.

Louis started by asking Kayla first. She picked Truth without any hesitation. " Hmmm.." Louis thought, pretending to stroke his chin. I could tell he was trying to think of the most embarrassing thing to say. "Are you a virgin?" The second the words left his mouth, Kayla's cheeks turned a violent shade of crimson. She shook her head yes. Everyone stared at Niall who just shrugged it off.

Now it was my turn ask. "Zayn, truth or dare?" 
"Cover your pizza with ketchup and mustard and eat the whole thing."

Zayn made a face at me and I covered my mouth to stop myself from exploding in laughter. It looked really gross. I was so mean. 

I shifted my attention from Zayn's condiment covered face and stole a glance at Harry laughing beside me. I mentally slapped myself when my mind wandered to the colour of his eyes. Why couldn't I get him out of my head!?

"Truth or dare, Laryssa?" Niall's Irish accent called me. "Dare." I said simply, cracking a smile. This was going to be interesting.

"Make out with someone for 30 seconds...your choice."

I sighed and sent him a death look. I guess this was payback for disapproving of his topping choices. 

I looked around at all the boys who's eyes were fixed on me but stopped at Harry. Curls framed the pale porcelain skin of his face. My eyes travelled down his cheekbones to the soft pink of his lips. All I could think about was how much I wanted to kiss him. He was making it unbareably difficult to hate him.

"C'mon Laryssa, we all know you want to kiss Harry." Kayla said. I shifted uncomfortably.The room seemed hotter than before.Thoughts of doubt wizzed through my mind. If I kissed Harry I'd have to stop ignoring him. Everything would change. Did I really want that? Before I could over think it any more I shuffled over and planted my lips on his. To my surprise he kissed me back eagerly. Our mouths moved in harmony, fitting no less than perfectly. All the cliche movie stuff about electricity and fireworks suddenly made sense. Colourful explosions set off in my stomach as I increased the pressure. There was something about Harry that made my heart burst out of my chest.

I pulled away reluctantly. Those green eyes, only centimetres away from my mine, weren't angry or regretful like I expected. They seemed to be filled with something more. Something that I only could guess were reflected in the hazel of my own. Desire.




Hi guys!! Wazza? How have you been enjoying True Colours so far?


I'm really sorry I havent updated in FOREVER guys. I dont really have an excuse. I've just been really busy and lazy and procrastinaty... is that a word? Anyyyyywayyyy I just wanted to let you know that from know on there will be updates at the beginning and end of every week (so I'm thinking every Sunday/Monday and every Thursday/Friday). Also, Im going to try to be more involved with you guys and do chapter dedictaions, random words and all that jazz. Thanks for putting up with me, love youuuu!(:x

Word of the Week:

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