True Colours

Silver Birch High School is the perfect place to start over. To forget. All she needed was a good first impression and her best friend Kayla Brent at her side.

At least that's what Laryssa Forest thought when she first entered the gorgeous, stone academy. But will a group of five guys, some unkind words and accidentally falling in love change all of her perfectly laid plans? And more importently, will the scars of the past she's been trying so hard to seal be reopened? See what happens when Laryssa is forced to reveal her True Colours.

This is my first (of hopefully many) fan fiction. I would appreciate any feedback as long as it's stated kindly....after all, nobobys perfect! I'm so excited and hope you'll read, like, comment and maybe even favourite "True Colours". Enjoy! :)x


5. Part of the Past


I sat in class the next day and allowed my mind to replay yesterday night. My pencil swooped aimlessly over my page, recreating the exact curve of his jaw, the depth of his cheekbones. The tingling sensation left by his kiss still hadn't faded. The whole thing felt unreal, like it was shrouded in a thin white sheet. It was to perfect to be real. None of Ethan's kisses had ever had that effect on me. It scared me.

I was so wrapped in my drawing I barely noticed Mr. Fiddle huffing merely two feet away.

"Ms.Forest?" He did not smile. "I have seen you do absolutely nothing this whole class. What do you have to say for yourself?" 

I quietly slid the paper into my book bag and put on my best goody two shoes face. This wasn't going to be an issue. "I'm truly sorry mister." I swiped a stray curl from my eyes and looked up to the pudgy man. His hard expression softened slightly. 

Our discussion was cut short by the bells loud brings. I stood up abruptly and flashed my "it was nice talking to you smile", flinging my book bag over my shoulder. I headed toward the door but stopped in my tracks when I was met by a tall, thin person.

"Hi Laryssa" Cassie said coolly. Her platinum hair was tucked neatly into a high ponytail. Her dress fell mid-thigh and was about three sizes too small. "What a nice surprise, Cassie. Sorry, I have more important things to do than to hang around with lower life forms. Have to catch you later?" 

I was just about to turn away but was stopped when her manicured talons dug into my arm. She smiled tightly. "It won't take long. I just wanted to let you know that you're not the queen of the school. I am." She continued, her voice lowering treturously. "And if you pull another stunt like that again, I swear,I'll ruin you."

I pulled away from her grasp as marched out of the lab. My body tingled with nerves. I wasn't afraid of her at all. I wouldn't let myself be. She was just another popular cheerleader with air for a brain.

Even though I said it over and over I still had an jittery feeling growing in the pit of my stomach. The last person who had threatened me like that was Ethan. He had made sure to get what he wanted... and even more.

The thoughts left my head when I walked head on into something hard. My face crashed against a strong chest and I jerked away. I stumbled backwards but was instantly secured by someone's hands, gently steadying me. I looked up to meet Harry's emerald eyes. "You okay?" Heat itched it's way along my cheekbones as I nodded furiously. I had been so wrapped up in Cassie that I forgot to meet Harry in the courtyard. Good job Laryssa, good job. "I'm really sorry.."
"Don't be." Harry grinned cheekily. "You've made this my favourite shirt."
I slapped him lightly in the arm and peered down to inspect the face-mark I had made in the the middle of his "Bitches Love Me" t- shirt. "It probably already was." I mumbled, earning a flirty smile and wink from Harry. Why did he have to smile like that?

We continued walking down the ivory covered corridors of the school until we reached the front doors. Students flowed in and out of classrooms, forming a mob of after school chaos. I immediately found Kayla, standing at least a foot taller than all the other girls.

I began walking to Kayla, stealing one last glance at the boy beside me. He spotted Louis in the crowd and smiled brightly, dimples making the smallest appearance in his cheeks. For some weird reason I didn't want him to leave. I wanted to stay with him and talk. There was just something about the curly haired boy that made me want to give him my heart.

I clambered noisily into the MG beside Kayla. The second the engine started, she got straight to the point. 
"You have a crush, don't you?" I tilted my chin to the sky shut my eyes. I wanted to soak up the London sun while it lasted. "You totally do! How come you didn't tell me! You and Harry would  be perfect! I can already picture your curly babies.."
 I have her a long look. Kayla was the only person other than my mum who knew about my past. Was it even possible that I could feel that way again after all that I've been through?

 "What if I'm not ready to do it again?" I asked, staring at my nails nervously. When Kayla saw my expression she lowered her voice. "Ethan's part of the past, Laryssa. It's time for you to get better. We just got you back with us again. And we're not letting you go so easy. Harry doesn't know but he likes you. A lot. He won't shut up about you." She chuckled and shook her head. My insides filled with warmth at her words. Harry actually might feel the same way I do about him. There was a chance, a possibility, that he might want me just as much as I want him. 


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