True Colours

Silver Birch High School is the perfect place to start over. To forget. All she needed was a good first impression and her best friend Kayla Brent at her side.

At least that's what Laryssa Forest thought when she first entered the gorgeous, stone academy. But will a group of five guys, some unkind words and accidentally falling in love change all of her perfectly laid plans? And more importently, will the scars of the past she's been trying so hard to seal be reopened? See what happens when Laryssa is forced to reveal her True Colours.

This is my first (of hopefully many) fan fiction. I would appreciate any feedback as long as it's stated kindly....after all, nobobys perfect! I'm so excited and hope you'll read, like, comment and maybe even favourite "True Colours". Enjoy! :)x


3. Nice to meet you too

Laryssa's P.O.V

The car ride was not as awkward as I was expecting. Kayla and I laughed at inside jokes, sang loudly, and talked about school. It was about as fun as a ten minute car ride could get."You're going to love it here, it will be so much fun!" Kayla beamed from beside me. "We can join the yearbook comitee and I can introduce you to all of my friends! They'll love you!" 

"Really? Just friends?" I asked raising an eyebrow in mock suspision. If I knew one thing from all the late night text conversations it was that Kayla had a major crush on one of her class mates. Kayla's smile only grew wider. "Well the boys and my boyfriend Niall...we always chill at Louis' house after school. Trust me, you'll fit in just fine." she said smiling playfully.

Before I could come up with one of my signature sarcastic responces, I saw the high school out my window and was instantly distracted. Flowers of all different shapes and sizes lined the polished stone walls and, as childish as it sounds, I felt the urge to pick one of them up and put it in my hair. It looked so beautiful. Maybe I was just worrying over nothing.


"Laryssa!!! Are you trying to get suspended on your first day? Being a half hour late for class is against the rules you know!" Kayla shouted from down the hall, not even looking back. "Sorry." I mumbled, more to myslef than her. I needed to stop doing that, getting lost in my thoughts, overthinking every little detail. By the time I reached Room 306 I was pretty much out of breath. It took me forever to find the science lab and now I was going to pay the price. Perfect, just perfect.

When I twisted the knob and took a few steps the whole class, including the short, balding man that I assumed was the teacher, stared at me. "Nice of you to join us Ms. Forest" the man said in a rather loud voice. The class snickered and I looked down at my feet, embarresed. "Now that you've made an appearance, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?" "Um....ok" I started, trying hard to revive the tiny piece of confidence I had this morning. " My name is Laryssa. I'm from Ontario, Canada. I, erm, just moved here yesterday."

"Is that why you have an accent?" a kind looking girl with shoulder length platinum blonde hair asked." "I guess..." I  said hesitantly, not exactly sure if that was the ideal answer. The class laughed and I relaxed slightly. Maybe coming in late on my first day wasn't the end of the universe after all. The questions were fired at me from all directions and I answered them all, growing more and more comfortable as time went on. Turns out I had a lot in common with these people.

After talking briefly to most of the people in the class, I noticed a boy near the back of the class. He sat back deep in his chair and had his arms crossed over his purple Jack Wills hoodie. When our eyes met he smiled, making dimples appear in both of his cheeks. 

"How did you get so beautiful?" he asked with a crooked smile and I knew I had been staring to long.

I felt heat rush into my cheeks and, just like every time I saw a semi-attractive boy, I knew I was blushing badly. But I couldn't open my mouth and flirt back. I never did. Not after Ethan. Not ever again.

Some girls giggling woke me up from my trance just in time to notice the teacher (whos name I learned was Mr.Fiddle) walk to the front if the class. "Any last questions?" he asked, slightly irritated by the curly boy's comment.

I scanned my classmates one last time but stopped abruptly when I noticed a girl glaring  at me. Her bright red lips were set in a firm scowl and her piercing blue eyes reflected so much hate and anger. "I have one" she said quietly her voice laced thick with hatred. "Yes?" I replied, slightly confused. Did I know this girl? Was there a reason she was staring at me like I was the cause of world hunger?

"When you get sick to your parents call a vet?"she said in mock sweetness, eyes still blazing.


Harry's P.O.V

I watched as Laryssa stood there confusion and helplessness in her soft hazel eyes. What was Cassie's problem? I knew she liked to be ahead of everyone else but she couldn't wait a couple of days before pushing the new girl down? I wanted more than ever to go up there and yell at her, maybe, as crazy as it sounds, help Laryssa. I couldn't let this happen to her...there had to be something I could do. But my feet were glued to the floor just like my eyes to the scene in front of me.

"Please," Laryssa's sarcastic voice cut through the uneasy silence like a knife. I was the first in the class to notice the change. Her eyes went from scared to brave, her face from uneasy to confident. She looked Cassie right the eye, reflecting the look she'd seen earlier, and I couldn't help my thoughts from drifting. She looked beautiful.

"I could wipe of 90% of your beauty with a wet kleenex" she finished, raising her eyebrows and pursing her lips. The whole class, including me, gawked at her. None of us could believe what we'd just witnessed. Cassie and the teacher both opened their mouths to speak but were cut off by the lunch bell ringing. The class filed out but I stayed and watched Laryssa, who's expression had changed from confident to hurt.

Our eyes finally met when she looked up from the floor and I felt something no one else felt. It hit me hard in the chest, forcing all of the air out of my lungs and replacing it with a longing my heart. And in that moment I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to hold her in my arms, to smell her smell around my house and in my clothes, to wipe the tears off her cheeks when she cried and feel her lips on mine. I wanted to know what love felt like. I wanted to know her.



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