True Colours

Silver Birch High School is the perfect place to start over. To forget. All she needed was a good first impression and her best friend Kayla Brent at her side.

At least that's what Laryssa Forest thought when she first entered the gorgeous, stone academy. But will a group of five guys, some unkind words and accidentally falling in love change all of her perfectly laid plans? And more importently, will the scars of the past she's been trying so hard to seal be reopened? See what happens when Laryssa is forced to reveal her True Colours.

This is my first (of hopefully many) fan fiction. I would appreciate any feedback as long as it's stated kindly....after all, nobobys perfect! I'm so excited and hope you'll read, like, comment and maybe even favourite "True Colours". Enjoy! :)x


6. Jake


I thanked Kayla and slid out of the passenger seat. My heart skipped in a jittery joy as I slung my backpack over my shoulder. It was crazy how I was feeling from what Kayla had said. Words had never meant so much to me.Harry practically threw all of my sensibleness out the window.

The headlights slowly drifted into the dusk and I was left alone. The gravel path that lead to my house was small and narrow. It winds over a large hill then cuts left past an abandoned farmhouse.If my mum was going for the "creepy and secluded" feel then she did a pretty good job.

I trudged over grassy ground. My legs ached from gym but I continued walking down the path. When I reached the farmhouse I leaned against the crumbling wood and took a breath. The night had grown such a deep shade of navy, I could barely see the light from the distant windows of my house.

The sound of a twig snapping broke my attention from the clear night sky. I hesitantly looked around but saw nothing. A creepy feeling tugged at my insides, almost like there was a shift in the air. Something was not right.

My heart beat speed up. I just needed to be quite and go home. It was probably just an animal. I picked up my backpack and started jogging away from the barn. My feet pounded the ground at a steady rhythm. There was no harm in being safe, especially when you think theres something following you. Or someone, for that matter.
My breathing turned rapid when I felt a strong arm grasp my shoulder and yank me towards them. I staggered forward, tripping over my own feet, but was firmly pulled upward.

Standing in front of me was a teenager with long blond hair. His piercing grey eyes shone with displeasure. Those eyes. I could tell who they belonged to any day.

I turned to run but was stopped  by his whole body towering in front of me. A smile split across his lips when I stepped back in disgust.

" Laryssa! Funny that I ran into you..." Jake growled taking a step towards me. I cowered backwards, avoiding his touch.

"Get away from me." I said shakily. My insides burned with a desire to get away. What if he hurt me? Fear nestled its way into my head. I was surprised he hadn't already.

The next time he reached out to me I slapped his hand away and planted my foot in his shin, causing him to growl in pain.

"Enough of your games!" He yelled angriliy. He clenched his jaw and yanked me backwards,  slamming me against a tree. I gasped in a sharp breath and squeezed my eyes shut. The smell of his breath was so close, the feel of his eyes burning a hole in my chest. He was too close."Ethan told me you were a feisty one. But I couldn't believe him until I'd seen it myself." He chuckled lowly. "You definitely weren't this feisty the first time we met, now were you?"

Out of nowhere, I felt hands push between us, tearing him off of me.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" An angry voice yelled. Thoughts exploded through my head. I lost my footing and found myself falling. Falling onto the grassy earth below. Jake said that Ethan was here. In London. He had found me.

The voices of the two boys arguing filled the night. I squinted up to see Zayn, fists clenched, standing protectively in front of me.

"Get away now or I swear I'll beat the shit out of you." 
"Fine! I will!" For the first time I had seen, Jake actually looked worried. He backed away cautiously, his grey eyes landing on mine one last time.

"We have unfinished business" he smirked, and was gone.




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