True Colours

Silver Birch High School is the perfect place to start over. To forget. All she needed was a good first impression and her best friend Kayla Brent at her side.

At least that's what Laryssa Forest thought when she first entered the gorgeous, stone academy. But will a group of five guys, some unkind words and accidentally falling in love change all of her perfectly laid plans? And more importently, will the scars of the past she's been trying so hard to seal be reopened? See what happens when Laryssa is forced to reveal her True Colours.

This is my first (of hopefully many) fan fiction. I would appreciate any feedback as long as it's stated kindly....after all, nobobys perfect! I'm so excited and hope you'll read, like, comment and maybe even favourite "True Colours". Enjoy! :)x


7. Freak


Zayn turned around and ran up to me. Tears slowly slid down my face. My lungs felt constricted, my head a total mess. I was afraid of Jake and Ethan. I was afraid of what they could do, or rather, what they would do. Wouldn't Jake already know where I lived if he came here tonight? It was only a matter if time..

Zayn knelt down beside me. When he reached out to comfort me I cringed and moved back. I thought about how Jake looked when Zayn came. There was no doubt he was scared.

As if reading my mind,  he spoke softly. "Laryssa, it's me. I'm not going to hurt you."

"How do I know that? How did you even know I was here?" I replied, inching farther away from him. My voice still sounded like it belonged to someone else. A person with much more fear stored up in them than me.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. A flash of worry rushed through his dark eyes. "Did he hurt you?" He asked. I shook my head no. "Why don't you come home with me? I'm not leaving you here like this.."

This time when Zayn reached out to me I didn't flinch. I didn't even resist when he scooped me up and started walking to the road.

His arms were strong underneath me. I leaned my head against his chest and closed my eyes. The pounding in my head slowed down to steady speed.

"Zayn?" I squeaked, tilting my head up to see him. I could barely make out his face in the blackness. The only things that stood out were the depth of his cheekbones and the blonde streak streaming through the centre of his ebony choiff. "You can put me down. I can walk just fine myself."

He shook his head like carrying me down a hill was no big deal."It's fine. I can see my motorcycle from here." My body tensed at the word motorcycle. I had never ridden one before. And riding with a guy in a new country at night didn't seem like a good idea.

 Zayn looked down at me. "Are you afraid?" He asked,smiling. "No! I just thought you had a car.." I trailed off. I could tell that he didn't buy it because he laughed and shook his head."You're such a goody two shoes." "Am not!" I said defensively. "I even ate desert before dinner once". Zayn's grin spread farther across his face. He stared at me in his arms and, despite the shaking still promanate in my gut, I felt my heart summer salt. I was about to thank him but he opened his mouth before me, the playfulness returning to him. "If you get scared feel free to hold onto me". Yeah, like that was going to happen.

I got on the bike and hesitantly looped my arms around Zayn's waist. It felt awkward holding on so I scooted closer until I was pressed up against his back. He pressed down the gas, causing the bike to roar and rumble beneath us. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. I've got this.

The bike flew down the dirt road in a rush of silver. Adrenaline filled my veins. Wind scraped against my cheek and whipped my hair in front my eyes and face. I tightened my grip on Zayn's leather jacket, using his body to shield mine. By the time we pulled up in front of his house I was out of breath.

"Not a fan of the bike?" He asked as I unclipped my helmet. "No, not a fan of riding with unknown guys at night." I replied. "Especially ones with badass leather jackets that stalk you when you're walking home."  He raised his eyebrows. "Stalk?" "Yup." I said popping the p. He put his head down, smiling and opened the front door. "You're sassy like wonder Harry likes you." He laughed and I rolled my eyes.

His house was the average country house with a standard two-story build. Large windows were placed in the living room and family room. The little moonlight streaming in fell in lines, casting a white glow on antique furniture and decorations. It looked very homely.

Zayn beckoned for me to follow him and I did hesitantly. We entered his room and sat on his bed. I knew he was going to ask about Jake. How couldn't he after what he'd witnessed? My throat constricted. Breathing wasn't so natural anymore. It couldn't be when you knew a couple of words paired with breaths and you could lose a friend.

Zayn reached for me, pulling my small body under his in a hug. I couldn't just sit there and wait for him to ask. I wanted to be the one to tell him. "Zayn-" I began but was cut off. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want". He said looking at me. But I did. I trusted him. "I was with my friends one night at a club in New York. That's where I lived, with my mum and dad. There was this guy named Ethan. He kept looking at me from the back of the club." I choked out. I wanted to stop but I forced myself to continue. "When I went to call a cab they followed me. There were three but Ethan led them. T-They chased me." I stuttered. I wouldn't tell him about how they drugged me or what they did when they caught me. I would show him.

I grabbed Zayn's hand in mine. He looked at me surprised but let me continue. I gently lifted my shirt off my shoulder revealing the raised scar underneath. Slowly, I moved his hand on top of it. But that wasn't it. I led his hand to all of others, deep, jagged scars cutting into my stomach,  my hips, my thighs. By the time he'd seen them all there were tears dotting his eyes.

When he didn't say anything I panicked. He just sat on his bed in front of me, not uttering a word. "I get it, you think I'm a freak." I snapped, turning to leave. It was as simple as that. I was an oddity and a weirdo and a freak and Zayn would never want to talk to me again.

I was right about to get up when I felt his hand grab mine. He brought me towards him and I when I opened my mouth to protest he gently pressed his lips to mine. I was stunned at first, but he didn't mind. He gently pulled me back onto the bed, wiping away my tears. A shiver ran up my spine when his hands moved under me, pulling me into his lap. He leaned into me again;reconnecting our mouth longingly. He kept kissing me carefully and delicately, like he was afraid if he pushed to hard I would shatter in his arms.

I pulled away in confusion. The utter shock of the kiss finally hit me, making me stiffen. What was I doing kissing one of Harry's best friends? Embarrassment washed over me, colouring my cheeks bright red.  "I-I'm sorry." I stuttered but was abruptly stopped. "Don't be. I was the one who kissed you first." He looked over at me. "I hate it when you tell me you're anything less than perfect, because you aren't. I've been wanting to do that since I first met you but was to shy." He sighed and I felt my heart heave. I had no idea what to say to him. "Zayn, I just want to be friends." 
He nodded but I saw the hurt hiding behind his eyes. It felt horrible telling the truth but it needed to be done. After a couple minutes of awkward silence, Zayn spoke. "So are we still cool?" I nodded my head, causing the laid back smile returning to his face. "Yeah, we're cool." I said and pulled him into a hug.

Hi everyone!! Did you miss me? I'm sorry I didn't put this on earlier...but it was worth the wait, right? I hope this killed your Zayn feels hahaha. Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you've done. Every time I read all you're comments it makes my whole day better- THANK YOU!! Secondly, this weeks chapter dedication goes to my friend Kayla (also Kayla in the story!) You make me laugh all the time and I'm really going to miss you this summer. YOU ROCK GURL!


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