Onwards & Upwards

Bronnie is the average 15 year old highschool girl. She attends lilypad high, she has a beautifully blonde bestfriendthat all the boys drule over and she has a crush on the cutest boy at school, Tommy Nicolson. But when her life starts throwing up obstacles she has to understand life will never be the same again.


2. Clean Slate

It was the beginning of term. I hopped on the school bus and saw Sara, Becca and Beth i waved and smiled.Then I walked past the snobs. They called themselves the peaches -what the hell is that about, it sounds like a fruit campaign?! They hate me with all there guts but oh well, you cant win them all. I went up onto the top desk and went to the back to meet Pippa. Pippa is my bestfriend, she is so unlike me I'm a little stubby freckled plumb and Pippas a beautiful tall blonde with the most wonderful brown eyes. She could charm the birds out of the trees and all the boys druel over her and yet she has perfect grades. Shes the only exception in our school because theres no inbetween being a nerd and being a dumb snob but not for pippa she gets both. Shes so lucky.


We always sit third from the back. From day one there our seats, just ours. When i saw her we both gave out some odd kind off scream and hugged each other. We talked all the way to school where we got out of the bus. We walked into school where pippa got several winks from popular boys. She just glares at them because shes not interested. Shes been on and off with Ashley for the past six months. He doesnt appeal to many people but they lok so perfect together. I have had a couple of boyfriends but nothing special. Then Tommy walked in and my heart skipped a beat. It's a shame everyone likes him, but a girl can dream, a girl can dream.

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