Onwards & Upwards

Bronnie is the average 15 year old highschool girl. She attends lilypad high, she has a beautifully blonde bestfriendthat all the boys drule over and she has a crush on the cutest boy at school, Tommy Nicolson. But when her life starts throwing up obstacles she has to understand life will never be the same again.


1. Crashing Down

I've deided I'm going to get out of bed today. I have to it's been three weeks since i left my room. I have to say although i have reason, I am a mess. A complete and utter embarassment. I asked mum what day it was and she wasnt to sure either. She looked at me hesitated and told me some time in the middle of the summer holiays. By the way I'm not an antisocial hobbit who lives in a duvet. Several weeks ago i was myself, nothing much but i was me back then, little old brown haired me.


I want to tell you the story of how i got like this. I had an utterly normal life. i went to school at lily pad high. there were some friends, some snobs, a boy and my bestfriend the recipe that made my life a misery. Because the fact is in the past several weeks my world came tumbling down. So if you want to hear about how i met the man of my dreams, or how i met some kind of boy band teenage girls scream for or how i had my happy ending then close this book, shut this webpage or walk away because that is not how this story ends.

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