The Story of May ♥

Everybody has to make a decision, because they are important.
Decisions, those bring us forward.
Decisions, those are bad for us.
Nobody knows, of they are for the best or the worst.
Nobody knows what they will end up.
Some people hate decisions, some people love them.
Some say that the decision is right; some say that the decision is wrong.
Sometimes they are planed, sometimes they are spontaneously.
Sometimes we have to make them, because there is no other way.
Sometimes we have to make them, because we have to choose our way.
The result of a decision could only be seen after we made the decision.
If we choose there is no way back.
We can try to make the things less worst, but we will never get it all back.
We can learn from decisions,
Because they show us a way to wisdom.
Decisions can change nearly everything.
They could change a whole life, if we chose.
We always have to choose.
Even I had to choose…
So my story begun with a decision…


3. What makes you beautiful...

After this they answered questions and everything, while I waited.  Then they came back to me and we left the building. I just got inside the van, while they signed some pictures. We all got off in the city. Liam, Louis and Zayn went away to met their girlfriends, so Niall, Harry and I were left. I asked: “What are we doing now?” Harry smiled: “Well, you need some clothes.” I looked at him: “Yeah, but I don’t have money…” He smiled back: “I will pay, like I told you.” I shook my head: “No, I am feeling bad, when you and Lou pay everything for me. It’s…” He interrupted me: “I’ll pay, no contradiction.” Niall laughed: “Really, we all have more money, then we will ever need…” I still was against them, but I had no choice. In every shop they bought some things, which they like. I was always like: “No, it’s really expensive. You don’t have to buy me this.” After two hours Niall said: “There is a Nandos a few minutes from here… I am so hungry, please, let us go there.” I never was at Nandos before and I just chose a small kids menu, because it was the cheapest. After we finished, I asked: “Can we go to a registration office or something like this?” They agreed, but some fans saw us in front of the building, so I said: “Okay, guys, you better run away and I go inside. We meet here in an hour?” They agreed. I searched the whole hour and found nothing. They ever told me, that I am from London, but there was nothing about me. I went outside, but I didn’t see one of the boys. Then someone from the back came and crabbed my arms. I looked to the left their was Harry holding my hand and in the other hand he had shopping bags. I looked to the left were Niall was exactly the same. We ran along the street, until we saw a taxi. It wasn’t easy to get in, because all the girls came and scream, but the boys could handle it. Niall asked: “So, hmm, did you found something?” I shook my head: “Nothing.” Harry asked: “What were you exactly looking for?” Could I trust them? Could I tell them my secret? Another decision I had to make… I looked up: “Well, I will tell you at Louis and your home, okay?” Harry nodded: “Okay, but it’s also your home.” We left the taxi a few streets away, because nobody should no where the boys lived. Louis and his girlfriend laid on the living room couch. She stood up and shook my hand: “Hey, I am Eleanor.” I smiled: “May, nice to meet you.” She sat back down: “Oh, guys, you’re in the news.” We all sat down on the floor and watched, while a presenter said: “So today Niall Horan and Harry Styles from One Direction walked along the city with a girl. But who is she? They went shopping, but always the boys paid. I promise you we will find out who she is! But first of all we have breaking news. In Norfolk is a girl missing since yesterday evening.” I jumped up and stood in front of the TV: “Why don’t we turn off the TV and do something else?” Harry raised an eyebrow and looked from the side to the TV, which shows my picture: “May, that’s you.” I shrugged my shoulders: “Doesn’t matter.” They all were shocked and Louis turned the TV off: “May, sit down and please, tell us everything.” My decision was clear. I have to trust them: “Okay, I told you I am an orphan and I am seventeen years old. I ran away to London, because I need to search my parents and there are some things that I need to find out about myself…” Nobody said a word. Then the doorbell rang. Eleanor stood up and opened it. Liam, Zayn and two girls came in. They all looked to us. Liam saw that something was wrong and so he asked: “What’s going on?” I said the same sentences again. He thought a few seconds about it: “Okay, hmm, you know we have to send you back…” I nodded: “Yes, but than just let me grab a few things and open the door. It’s not against the orphanage. It’s that I have to find out who I really am or I should better say what I really am.” Now everybody was even more surprised. I walked into the kitchen and came back with a knife: “I am not going to kill you, but before I tell you my real secret, I need you to promise me, that you’ll never tell anyone. We bind the promise with blood. Sounds a bit strange, but when you see about what I am speaking, you’ll see that I am stranger.” They all looked a bit weird but they accepted, so we all made a little cut in our left forefinger. I looked around: “Have you got any instrument here?” Louis stood up and came back with a guitar, while I said: “One of you should just play a melody.” Niall grabbed the guitar and played something, then he passed it to me: “Okay, I never learned playing guitar and I don’t know this song, but I am going to play exactly the same notes.” I started playing and after a few minutes the boys joined in with singing. Baby you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell. You don’t know, oh, oh. You don’t know you’re beautiful. If only you saw what I can see, you’ll understand why I want you so desperately. Right now I’m looking at you and I can’t believe. You don’t know, oh, oh. You don’t know you’re beautiful. Oh, oh, oh. You don’t know you’re beautiful. Oh, oh, oh. That’s what makes you beautiful.

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