The Story of May ♥

Everybody has to make a decision, because they are important.
Decisions, those bring us forward.
Decisions, those are bad for us.
Nobody knows, of they are for the best or the worst.
Nobody knows what they will end up.
Some people hate decisions, some people love them.
Some say that the decision is right; some say that the decision is wrong.
Sometimes they are planed, sometimes they are spontaneously.
Sometimes we have to make them, because there is no other way.
Sometimes we have to make them, because we have to choose our way.
The result of a decision could only be seen after we made the decision.
If we choose there is no way back.
We can try to make the things less worst, but we will never get it all back.
We can learn from decisions,
Because they show us a way to wisdom.
Decisions can change nearly everything.
They could change a whole life, if we chose.
We always have to choose.
Even I had to choose…
So my story begun with a decision…


5. Stand up...

We chose one song and then we walked back. He had the ring in his pocket, because first of all I asked the boys to come out with me. They looked a bit confused as I said: “When I gave you a sign than you start singing, okay?” Zayn asked: “What sign?” Harry added: “And which song?” I answered: “I will show you a thumb up?” All nodded and then I whispered the song into their ears. We walked back inside and I grabbed the guitar. I looked to Louis, but he was just standing next to me and he was quiet, so I decided to help him: “Lou and I both agree that it is a great idea if he adopts me. We even called the orphanage and everything and they said that it might be okay, but there is one other thing…”  I rammed my elbow into Louis side: “Right, Lou?” He nodded: “Yes, there is one thing, which I would like to ask.” I started playing the guitar notes after I show the boys a thumb up. They all knew this song, because it was one of their songs. From the moment I met you everything changed. I knew I had to get you whatever the pain; I had to take you and make you mine. I would walk through the desert. I would walk down the aisle. I would swim all the oceans just to see you smile. Whatever it takes is fine. Oh, oh, oooh, oh, so put your hands up. Oh, oh, oooh, oh coz it's a stand up. And I won't be leaving 'til I've finished stealing every piece of your heart. They sang the whole song and at the end Louis got down on his knees. The boys stopped singing and starred at him, while he put the ring box out of his pocket and I played the last beat. He opened the box: “Eleanor Jane Calder would you give me the kudos of marring me?” A tear came out of her eye: “Yes! Oh, yes!” Liam put the ring on her finger and everybody started talking. They were all surprised, but happy.

When we all got quiet again Liam said: “Well, there is another thing. I am happy for you two, Lou and El, but I also wanted to do something later, when I am on dinner with Danielle, but I think, I can do this right know.” He got down on his knees: “Danielle Claire Peazer will you marry me?” She jumped into his arms: “Yes!” They both laid on the floor, while I freaked out: “OMG! They all go married and these rings are amazing!” Louis smiled: “Calm down, May.” I looked at him: “Just because the papers will soon say that you are my father doesn’t mean, that I will call you Dad or that you will get the respect like you should respect a father. I was always a bad girl. You know I have a weakness for breaking rules.” Harry placed an arm around me: “You know what, May? Now I know you last name.” We all laughed and started talking about everything, until Perrie and Zayn in unison said: “Well, we have to celebrate all this!”


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