The Story of May ♥

Everybody has to make a decision, because they are important.
Decisions, those bring us forward.
Decisions, those are bad for us.
Nobody knows, of they are for the best or the worst.
Nobody knows what they will end up.
Some people hate decisions, some people love them.
Some say that the decision is right; some say that the decision is wrong.
Sometimes they are planed, sometimes they are spontaneously.
Sometimes we have to make them, because there is no other way.
Sometimes we have to make them, because we have to choose our way.
The result of a decision could only be seen after we made the decision.
If we choose there is no way back.
We can try to make the things less worst, but we will never get it all back.
We can learn from decisions,
Because they show us a way to wisdom.
Decisions can change nearly everything.
They could change a whole life, if we chose.
We always have to choose.
Even I had to choose…
So my story begun with a decision…


8. Over again...

It was one day before the boys came back. I had a job at an international dancing program. Pretty nice thing. Since Niall and I went official some people hate against me, but others just loved the relationship. It was a bit crazy, but I also get letters from fans who just told me to take care of Niall and not breaking his heart. The girls and I met often. We were all great friends. Yes, girlfriend club. That is how the fans call us, but I think we are more. We are equally persons with a great friendship and being together with a superstar. I baked a cake for the next day, when my phone rung. It was Danielle: “May?!” I answered: “Yes?” She cried: “I am in hospital with El. I don’t know what to do and… and…” I was shocked, but still calm: “Okay, I’m coming as fast as possible. Just sit down and relax a bit.”
I was there twenty minutes later. Eleanor laid in a bed and Danielle was crying in my arms, when a doctor walked in. I stood up and shook his hand: “Hello, what are her problems? Will she get well soon?” He looked at me: “Hello, I’m sorry, but who are you? I am just allowed to gave this information to family members.” I nodded: “Well, I am some kind of family member. I am her daughter.” He raised an eyebrow: “You are her daughter? I mean you look like you are in her age…” I nodded again: “Yes, it’s a bit difficult. I’m a few years younger, but she isn’t my mother and she didn’t born me. Her husband adopted me, so it’s like I said. I’m kind of a family member.” This time he nodded: “Okay, so your friend just told us, that she was going to her house and when she walked in the garden she was laying on the floor. Unconscious. She directly called the paramedics. Since then she didn’t wake up. We tested her for everything possible, but there are no answers. Nothing is wrong with her heart, her kidneys, her lung… The only test left is a blood test, who is in the laboratory right now. We have to wait, but if she is not awake tomorrow night, it could be really dangerous for her.” He also said some other thinks but I just worried about El. Then I called the boys. They were at the airport. Liam picked up: “Hey, May, what’s up? We are at the airport. Plane leaves in about one hour. Is there someone crying?” I answered: “Yes, Danielle cries, but that’s not the real problem. El is in hospital. She isn’t awake and the doctors don’t know what is wrong with her. You should all come as fast as possible.” He said a few things and then hung up. Danielle and I stayed the whole night, sitting on some uncomfortable chairs. We just slept a bit, when the boys rushed in. Louis directly walked up to Eleanors bed. I saw his eyes. They looked like he had cried a lot. Liam hugged Danielle, when Perrie came in. She had a few coffees and gave everyone one. Harry gave me a massive hug and the Niall kissed me. Right in that moment the doctor game in: “Oh, full house. Hey, everyone.” I got to him and Louis directly came to my side. I introduced them: “That is her husband, Louis and Lou, that is the doctor.” The doctor nodded: “Hello, aren’t you a bit to young to adopt someone?” Louis answered angry: “Does this really matter now? I can do what I want and I am old enough, but for now, just tell me what’s wrong with her.” The doctor nodded again: “Then please come out with me. I am just allowed to tell this family members.” We walked out and he closed the door: “Well, we have the results of the blood test. There is something wrong with her blood, but we don’t really know what for no. So we have to make many tests and everything, but right know this is not looking good. Her body doesn’t take the synthetic nutrition…” Louis started crying when the doctor went away. I hold him in my arms for a few minutes. Then he looked up again: “Oh, May, what have you done?” I looked at him: “Nothing? I mean, what should I do? I mean I have no idea what’s going on with her or what you mean.” He put his hands behind his head: “Something is wrong with her blood?! Don’t you remember the blood thing we all did when you told us about your talents.” I nodded: “I remember, but I don’t know, what’s the matter with them?” He got angry: “Something is wrong with her blood! Don’t you get it?” I realist what he mean: “You think I did that to her? I did nothing! It was a stupid kids swore!” His voice got louder: “Well, then tell me what’s the matter with her blood?!” I screamed: “I don’t know?!” Zayn opened the door: “What’s going on?” Louis gave him an icy look: “It’s all Mays fault. Why did I even adopt you?! This was a big mistake. Harry and I should never take care of you! It was all a fucking mistake. You‘re a mistake!” Everyone except Eleanor got out of the room, while I said: “Good, Louis, if you see it like this, I am sorry. Goodbye.” I turned around and walked away. Niall and Harry wanted to follow me, but as soon as I left the hospital I started running and screamed: “OMG! THERE ARE NIALL HORAN AND HARRY STYLES!!!” Within a few seconds they were sounded by nearly fifty girls. I ran for half an hour and then I walked into a Starbucks. I ordered one coffee and the waited, while a song from the boys started playing. Now she’s feeling so low since she went solo. Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo. And it’s no joke to me, so can we do it all over again… A single tear came out of my eye. No, I won’t go back. If Louis say sorry, maybe. But he don’t want me and I don’t want to be somewhere where I am not wanted.


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