The Story of May ♥

Everybody has to make a decision, because they are important.
Decisions, those bring us forward.
Decisions, those are bad for us.
Nobody knows, of they are for the best or the worst.
Nobody knows what they will end up.
Some people hate decisions, some people love them.
Some say that the decision is right; some say that the decision is wrong.
Sometimes they are planed, sometimes they are spontaneously.
Sometimes we have to make them, because there is no other way.
Sometimes we have to make them, because we have to choose our way.
The result of a decision could only be seen after we made the decision.
If we choose there is no way back.
We can try to make the things less worst, but we will never get it all back.
We can learn from decisions,
Because they show us a way to wisdom.
Decisions can change nearly everything.
They could change a whole life, if we chose.
We always have to choose.
Even I had to choose…
So my story begun with a decision…


1. Little things...

I decided to go to London or I should better say to ran away to London. I was an orphan and my parents died years ago. In the orphanage there were really nice people, but I am not a nice girl. I mean, sure, I am not the ugliest, but I am a kind of bad. It’s not like I am an asshole to everyone, but it’s like there is a rule and I just brake it. Because of this I often had to switch the orphanage. My last one was in Norfolk, a few hours away from London. The way was easy, because I don’t need a train or a car or a bus or anything like this, because I am a bit different then normal humans. I might not even be a human, but what else should I be? I didn’t really know… but back to story. I just ran the whole way and I just needed two and half hour. I was faster then I would be with the train. Crazy, isn’t it? I wasn’t even tired, but I needed a place to stay. By the way running isn’t my only supernatural talent. I bumped into a guy, who smelled like he drunk a lot. He smiled: “Hey, sweetie, where are you going? It’s late you shouldn’t walk around alone.” He grabbed my arm: “You can come with me, sweetie.” I gave him an icy look: “I am not your sweetie and no thanks, I won’t come with you.” His grip got harder: “Well, you will come with me, sweetie.” I wanted to show him, that I am not coming with him, but right in that moment a boy came to us: “Excuse me, is there a problem?” The guy answered: “No, my girlfriend just had drunk a bit too much. I will bring her home.” The other boy just looked to me, while I shook my head. He understand, what I mean: “Well, she isn’t your girlfriend, so don’t lie to me.” The guy got angry: “Oh and who says that she isn’t my girlfriend?” “She is my girlfriend, right?” What the hell. Now the boy said that I am his girlfriend. I stared at him, but he just blinked twice. He just said it to have an excuse to take me away. I nodded: “Yes, he is my boyfriend and he said that he would pick me up here, so can I go now?” The guy raised an eyebrow: “Prove it!” He let my arm go and the other boy took my face his arms. He smiled and kissed me. It wasn’t a short kiss; it was a real one with tongue and everything. After this he looked back to the guy: “Prove enough?!” He just nodded and started walking away. I looked into the boys face: “Did you really have to kiss me? I could handle this on my own.” It looked like he normally got different actions of the girls he met. I mean, sure, he wasn’t ugly or anything, but he just kissed me. He didn’t know what to say, so I said: “Well, I will go, bye.” “No, wait”, he touched my hand: “I will bring you home.” I looked away: “Well, I don’t have a home.” He asked: “Where do you live?” I answered: “Since today? Nowhere.” His voice sounded sad: “Ohm, ohm, well, then you can sleep at my house, if you like…” I thought about it a few minutes. He was a nice guy and I didn’t think that he would hurt me. For one night it would be okay, so I said: “If it’s okay for you.” He nodded: “Sure, let us go. This way.” I didn’t follow him: “Wait, just a minute, won’t you introduce yourself?” He smiled: “I am Harry, Harry Styles.” I shook his hand: “Nice to meet you, Harry. I’m May.” He raised an eyebrow: “No last name?” I smiled: “Right, no last name.” I didn’t really have a last name. I mean sure in my passport stood a name, but that was just a name that I got from the orphanage. We walked side by side and no one said a word, until it started raining. The way was long and so we were totally wet, when we stood in front of the building. Harry opened the door: “It’s an apartment building and the flat is on the ninth floor, that’s also the highest.” I nodded and we walked inside. The elevator didn’t work and so we walked upstairs. He walked into a room: “Come, here is my bedroom. If you need some clothes just take some. I am going to make a tea and some food, okay?” As soon as he left the room I opened the big wardrobe: “Holy shit.” It was the biggest wardrobe I have ever seen. Really. He had more cloths than the whole orphanage. I chose an oversized T-Shirt and put my hair into a high ponytail. After this I searched for the radiator and put my stuff on it. I just came with a handbag and everything inside were wet, so I put it all on the radiator. Then I went outside and whispered: “Harry? Harry?” I didn’t know where the kitchen was, so whispered again: “Harry? Harry?” A door got open: “I am here. What’s the problem?” I walked directly inside the kitchen: “I didn’t know where the kitchen was.” He smiled: “Are you hungry?” I sat down on a chair: “Hmm, a bit.” He gave me a cup of tea: “What do you want?” I looked outside on the balcony: “Well, don’t know. Just give me something you have or you don’t need.” He gave me some noodles and I ate them all. He also ate some and he also changed his clothes. He was wearing boxer shorts and a T-Shirt, but that wasn’t the interesting thing. His tattoos were the interest thing. He had lots of them around his body. His tattoos reminded me of my own. Automatically I looked down at my left feet, where a crescent was. Harry followed my look: “Ah, you also have a tattoo.” I nodded: “Yes, hmm, I have two.” In turned around and showed him my neck. There is the symbol of infinity. When I turned back, he looked a bit worried. In the same moment I remembered my big scar form the end of my neck across my back. I smiled: “You see the scar, right?” Harry nodded: “Yes, what happened?” I shrugged my shoulders: “Nobody knows, I had it since ever.” He understood that I didn’t want to speak about my scar: “Okay, I am tired… Let’s go to bed…” He stood up from his chair and I followed him to the bedroom again. He closed the wardrobe: “Well, in this flat is no guestroom, so you can sleep in my bed. It’s big enough for us two.” This bed was big enough for four people. I laid myself in the bed, while he turned the light of. Harry felt asleep in a few minutes, while I thought about the situation. It was a mad idea. He could probably kill me or something, but then I turned around and looked in his face. He made a noise, so that I first thought he was going to snore, but then I recognize he was talking. I tried to understand the words and so slipped nearer and put my face on his chest. He was singing in the rhythm of his heart beat and it sounds amazing. And I’ve just let these little things… Slip… Out of my mouth, cause it’s you, oh it’s you, it’s you, they add up to. I’m in love with you… And all this little things…

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