The Story of May ♥

Everybody has to make a decision, because they are important.
Decisions, those bring us forward.
Decisions, those are bad for us.
Nobody knows, of they are for the best or the worst.
Nobody knows what they will end up.
Some people hate decisions, some people love them.
Some say that the decision is right; some say that the decision is wrong.
Sometimes they are planed, sometimes they are spontaneously.
Sometimes we have to make them, because there is no other way.
Sometimes we have to make them, because we have to choose our way.
The result of a decision could only be seen after we made the decision.
If we choose there is no way back.
We can try to make the things less worst, but we will never get it all back.
We can learn from decisions,
Because they show us a way to wisdom.
Decisions can change nearly everything.
They could change a whole life, if we chose.
We always have to choose.
Even I had to choose…
So my story begun with a decision…


2. Everything about you...

I must felt asleep, because I woke up in the morning. My head was still on Harrys chest. I needed a few minutes to remember everything of the last night, but than I stood up. My clothes were nearly dry, but I needed to wash myself, so I went outside on the corridor. Where could be the bathroom? I opened one door. Behind this door was another bedroom, so Harry wasn’t living there alone, but nobody was inside this room. I closed the door and walked to another, but behind that door was the kitchen. I thought the kitchen was somewhere else, but I was wrong. Inside the kitchen was a boy. He didn’t look up from the newspaper: “Harry? I made an egg for you too.” I answered: “I am not Harry?” The boy looked up: “What are you doing here? And who are you?” I walked inside: “May.” He looked at me and raised an eyebrow: “I knew that today is the first day of may, but I mean what’s your name?” Harry walked into the kitchen: “Morning Lou!” The boy looked at him: “Harry? We said no one night stands at the flat. You can go to a hotel or something, but not at our home. You agreed with it and maybe you just could go out with normal girls. Your one night stands got dumber every time.” Harry wanted to say something, but I was faster: “So first of all I am not a one night stand and second my name is May, so you might be dumb. I am going to leave, where is the bathroom?” I didn’t wait for an answer. I just walked out of the kitchen and opened the next door. Bingo. Bathroom. I washed myself, cleaned my teeth and brushed my hair, then I walked back on the corridor. The kitchen door was still open and when I passed it, Harry said: “Hey, May, come in and eat with us.” I walked inside and gave the other boy an icy look. Then I sat down and he asked: “What do you want?” I smiled: “First of all, I want to know your name.” The boy smiled back: “I am Louis, but my friends say Lou. I am really sorry for…” I interrupted him: “It’s okay. Have you got some juice and bread?” He raised an eyebrow: “Juice and bread? What about bacon? Eggs?” My smile got brighter: “I’ll eat what you give me, so it’s kind of your choice.” It was an amazing breakfast. Louis and Harry made me eggs, bacon and all this yummy British breakfast stuff. When I was full I said: “Okay, boy, thank you, but I might go now.” Harry looked at me: “Where do you go?” Good question. I looked at him: “Outside. I don’t really know. I am here to figure out who I am and so… I don’t want to be a load for anyone…” Louis smiled: “You are no load and you can stay here. Harry told me about how he found you and everything, so if you want this could be you new home.” Okay, it is totally crazy to move in with two strangers, but I said: “Really? If it’s okay for you?” Harry nodded: “Yes, sometimes it’s a bit lonely here and we both miss our sisters so…” I stood up and grabbed the plates: “Okay, but then I will help you two here and I will search for a job, so I can pay rent and…” Harry interrupted me: “Oh, cutie, you don’t know who we are, right?” I put the plates into the dishwasher: “You are Lou and Curls?! And I am totally not cutie.” Lou laughed: “Curls is a nice nickname, but we are Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.” I shrugged: “Yeah? That are you names…” Harry laughed: “You are from this planet, right? In this time we both are in the biggest boy band.” This time I started laughing, but they both look serious. I said: “I mean, Harry when you sang in your sleep it was good, but this must be a joke.” Louis still looked serious: “Okay, we told you and we will prove it, when the time comes, but first of all you and Harry should dress up.” We walked into Harrys room. My few clothes were still on the radiator and most of them were still a bit wet. Harry rummaged in the wardrobe: “You clothes are still wet, if you put them on you will get a flu or something. I might have something here. Ah, there.” He gave me a stack of clothes: “They are to small for me, but I have no pants. I am going to ask Lou.” He took a few clothes for himself and a few seconds later Louis came in and gave me two trousers: “They are from my girlfriend. She says it’s okay, if I gave you them. Just try them on.” Then he left and I looked at the clothes. One of the pants fitted good and then I took an T-Shirt on. It was still too big, but I looked okay. Someone knocked on the door: “May? Can I come in?” I opened the door: “Sure, Lou, I am ready.” He smiled: “Okay, I just wanted to give you the opportunity of using something of my girlfriends Make Up. I have some of here thing in my room so.” I walked with him to the other bedroom: “Thanks Lou and also big tanks to your girlfriend.” A cream and mascara were enough for me, but with it I felt a lot prettier. When I finished Harry came in: “Okay, all ready?” I nodded: “Yes, but for what?” Louis smiled: “We have our timetable, but today it’s not that much, just a TV show.” I rotate my eyes: “Sure, you are the superstars.” The doorbell rung and we all went to the door. Louis opened: “Hey, are you the driver for today?” The man nodded and showed an identity card: “Yes, I am.” Louis and Harry took shoes and jackets on, and then they looked at me: “Come, May.” I said: “Well, my shoes and my jacket are still wet, so…” Harry gave me a jacket and Louis gave me a pair of Converse. The shoes were a way to big and the jacket to, but I had no choice. The car was a black van and tree other boys were inside. We all get in and the other boys stared at me. Louis said: “Guys, that’s May. She is now living with me and Harry. No one of the boys said a thing and so we all were quiet, until the car parked. We all get out and I heard people screaming. The boys got over to some girls and made photos, while I was standing their staring at the crowd behind a barrier. Harry came back to me and put and arm around me. He pushed me forward: “Let’s get inside. I think now you believe that we are stars.” I nodded, while he opened the entrance. Louis was behind us: “Oh, how I love the fan girls. May, are you okay? You look a bit shocked.” They got into a dressing room and a TV man showed me the way to the backstage area. The blond guy from the van was the first one, who came in the area: “Hey, May, my name is Niall. In the car I thought you know it, but Harry told me, that you didn’t know that we are really that famous.” I nodded: “Yeah, I didn’t know, but nice to meet you.” He started eating some of the food: “So, I am from Ireland, where are you from?” I looked into his eyes: “Well, I don’t really know, but the first city I remember is London. Here I spent the first years of my life…” His eyes were blue like the ocean: “And what about your parents?” I looked away: “Ohm, I don’t know. I grew up in orphanages.” He finished eating: “Oh, sorry, but I think Lou and Hazza are kind of your new family, like we all will be.” I didn’t really understand what he meant, but there was no time to ask. The other boys came in and a producer came: “Okay, boys, two minutes, go on the stage.” There was a beep and then they all went on the stage to a presenter. First they performed a single, which a girl from the audience chose. It’s everything about you, you, you… Everything that you do, do, do… At the end Niall and Harry looked to me. I just smiled, because they sounded amazing.

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