That Holiday <3

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29. What Shall We Do-Ellie's POV

I woke up again to the sound of a steady beeping. I was in a hospital and Niall was sat next to me, tears streaming down his face. I could remember what had happened but I didn't know whether I had lost the baby or not. " I still have little Toby?" I asked, my voice cracking and a tear slowly making it's way down my face. Niall just cried more and laid his head on the edge of my bed. 

"No." he whispered. "You lost him. The doctors couldn't do anything." The tears poured down my face.

"No! I can't have lost him! He was my baby! Our baby. You were going to be a daddy. I was going to be a mummy." I mumbled. I rubbed my stomach, thinking about what could have been in my arms in 3 months. 

A doctor walked in and gave me a pitiful look as he realized that I had found out. He walked out again and I cried. I looked at my stomach, reliving the moment when I had found out and when I had first started to develop my baby bump. "Niall..." I whispered.

"Yes." he croaked back.

"I want to try again." I said, my voice wobbling. "I want to be a mum, I want you to be a dad. I want us to have a baby." 

"If you want a baby you can have one princess." Niall smiled weakly at me.

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