That Holiday <3

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22. The Reception

After a 10 minute car journey me and Zayn got out of the car and entered a huge hotel. This was where we were having our reception. We walked through to the room and it was beautiful. In one half there were tables decorated beautifully with blue decorations and there was a buffet laid out on a table in the corner then a long table for the bridesmaids, the bride, the groom and basically all the people with a specific part in the wedding. Then the dancefloor, it was so big! There were lights spinning around and there was a DJ on a stage at the front.

He put on a slow song and Zayn grabbed my hands and pulled me closer to him. He slowly started dancing. He leaned closer and kissed me. We stopped dancing and kissed. I deepened the kiss and Zayn picked me up and spun me around. "We're finally married." Zayn mumbled against my lips. He put me down and people started arriving.

We welcomed everyone at the door and they sat down. There were people on the dance floor and people eating. Me and Zayn got a plateful of food each and sat down to eat it. At about 9pm someone clinked a fork against a glass and the speeches began.

"I met Amy at the airport before we went to Spain and I fell in love with her. I worked up enough courage to make her mine on the airplane when everyone was asleep. Not the most romantic but it worked." Zayn smiled. "We were so close on the holiday, never apart. I loved her with all of my heart and I still do. She is my world and she saved my life when I almost drowned. Now we are married and I couldn't be happier!" Zayn finished and kissed me.

"Well, I had loved One Direction since 2010 when they were in The X Factor and I had dreamed of meeting them and I did and Zayn fell in love with me. He asked me to be his so of course I said yes! We were together all holiday as Zayn had said and I knew when he asked me to go on tour with him that I wanted to be with him forever." I said and let the tears slip as I sat down. Zayn kissed me on the cheek.

Ellie stood up next. "Amy and Zayn make THE cutest couple I know. They are never apart and look, they even look good together! I couldn't think of anyone that would make Amy happier than Zayn does." she said and sat down.

Niall stood up "Zayn makes Amy happy but Amy also makes Zayn happy. When me and the boys get a bro talk, Amy's all Zayn ever talks about! I have not seen Zayn happier in any relationship he's been in." and with that Niall sat back down again.

Everybody else took their turn doing speeches then we went back to dancing. It was magical.

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