That Holiday <3

This is x-StoleMyHeart-x's new account, I will be writing That Holiday on here now!


2. The Airport!

I groaned as my alarm clock went off. It was 6am and I am NOT a morning person. Neither is Ellie. I grabbed her arm and dragged her through to the bathroom. We both got ready and after 30 minutes looked fresh. We both threw on some leggings and an over sized jumper. I grabbed my suitcase and hand luggage and Ellie grabbed her bag and hand luggage. I couldn't believe that it was really happening. Suddenly a loud beeping filled the street as our taxi pulled up. We hauled our stuff into the boot and got in. Luckily we only lived 10 minutes from the airport. We checked in at the airport and went through all the security. Once we were through and just had to wait for our gates to open, we decided on having breakfast. We went to Nandos and ordered our food. While we were looking around we saw 5 boys, in disguises. They looked familiar so after me and Ellie had eaten our breakfast, we walked over and bumped into them 'accidentally'. I actually tripped though so to stop me from being embarrassed Ellie pretended to trip and I was caught in the arms of Zayn Malik and Niall Horan caught Ellie. We stared at them-stunned. I saw an empty area so I asked if we should sit over there. We sat down and started talking. Niall was very obviously flirting with Ellie, he kept staring at her. I sighed, knowing that all the other boys had girlfriends. "What's wrong, love?" Zayn asked me, concerned. "Oh, um... nothing." I lied. "So where are you girls going?" Harry asked. "Maligaaaa!" Ellie shouted. "Which hotel are you at?" Liam asked. "Well, um we haven't really decided yet...we wanted to see it first before we booked it for a month." I murmured. "A month? We're in Maliga for a month too!" Zayn said. "THEY CAN STAY WITH US!" Louis screamed. Me and Ellie looked at each other and smiled. "That would be lovely!" Ellie whispered. Louis suddenly stood up. "Where are you going?" asked Liam. "Changing these girls tickets to first class with us!" Louis exclaimed. "Come on! Let's go!"

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