That Holiday <3

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18. That Night

We were all waiting backstage for the concert to start. Zayn was hugging me from the side and he kept kissing my head. His hair was done and he had his first outfit on. I had to get my hair and make-up done as well and the stylists found me a nice dress. "They'll all love you babe!" Zayn repeated over and over again. Suddenly someone came running down and told the boys they needed to get ready to go on. Zayn kissed me gently and ran off.

I sat with Ellie and we talked for ages. We hadn't talked in a while but we were both happy and we saw each other most days seen as though we live in the same hotel.

After about half an hour someone ran down to get us. I squealed and grabbed Ellie's hand. We walked up and Zayn and Niall ran out and grabbed our hands and brought us out on stage. All the fans started cheering. Zayn shouted "Can everyone give a massive welcome to my girlfriend, Amy!"

"And my girlfriend Ellie!" Niall shouted. The fans cheered but a few booed. 

"Hey, be nice guys!" Zayn shouted and frowned a bit. 

"It's ok babe." I whispered to him.

Suddenly all the boys started singing Irresistible and Zayn held my hand. The crowd awwwed. I looked over at Ellie and saw that Niall was holding her hand. I blushed and kissed Zayn on the cheek. "And now a part of the show that no-one knows about! Not even the other boys." Louis shouted. We all looked at him, confused. "Amy and Ellie. You two are going to sing!" Louis said happily. My stomach dropped.

"Um, no Louis." I said.

"Go onnn! I've heard you both singing and you're really good!" he persisted.

"Fine." I mumbled. I grabbed Ellie's hand and gave her the microphone that Louis had just handed me. "What shall we sing?" she shouted into it and the fans shouted out a variety of songs but one fan at the front shouted 'Torn'. I nodded at Ellie and we started singing. In the chorus the boys joined in and Zayn put the arm that wasn't holding his microphone over my shoulder. At the end everyone cheered and lights flashed and I felt on top of the world. 

"Do you want to sing at every performance?" Zayn whispered into my ear. 

"Ok..." I said, feeling breathless.

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