That Holiday <3

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21. My Wedding

Finally, the day of our wedding rolled around! It had only been 2 weeks because Zayn had enough money and it only took us 2 weeks too decide what we wanted.

I was in the hotel room getting my hair done. I had it curled with a braid running through it at the top. At the same time I was also getting my nails done. I was having acrylics on with a french manicure print. After my hair was done, the boys' make-up artist came in and put some mascara on (waterproof thankfully!) and did a smokey effect and some liquid liner. I ran into the bathroom and got changed into my gorgeous wedding dress. I was breathless. I was getting married and I was only 18. All of Zayn's family had come down to see him get married but I didn't have any family left so my bridesmaids were walking me down the aisle. I gently placed my tiara on and slipped my heels on. I couldn't believe it was my wedding day! Ellie, Danielle and Eleanor all had their hair done in a messy ponytail but it still looked nice and it was secured with a blue bow. They ran and got changed into their beautiful blue dresses and got their bag and their shoes.

(This is the outfits and the wedding dress )

I waited anxiously with my bridesmaids as I waited to walk down the aisle. We were at a huge church, I felt like I was in a fairy tale! Zayn's words echoed through my head. "I want you to feel like a princess on our special day.". Suddenly the doors opened and you were walking down the aisle, following Danielle and with Ellie and Eleanor linking your arms. You finally got to the end of the aisle and stood next to Zayn. He looked at you with tears in his eyes and you let a single tear roll down your cheek. He held your hand and you entwined your fingers with his. You turned to the vicar and repeated what he told you to say. He then said "You may kiss the bride." and Zayn gave you the most passionate kiss ever. Everyone clapped and cheered. A few people were even crying, that's when you realised that the tears were flooding down your face. You wiped them away and wiped away the tears coming from Zayn's eyes. You and Zayn walked hand-in-hand down the aisle and out through the doors. 

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