That Holiday <3

This is x-StoleMyHeart-x's new account, I will be writing That Holiday on here now!


28. My Baby-Ellie's POV

Me and Niall quickly got ready to go on a walk to the park. We were both ready so we set off. My baby bump was quite big now but I had got some maternity wear. Niall grabbed my hand and interlocked our fingers. We strolled down the street but when we got to the park there was a massive crowd of fans. I wondered how they found us. Niall signed a few autographs but all the time he held onto my hand. People were shouting at me, abuse and threats. Tears threatened to spill down my cheeks but I blinked them back. Eventually we got through the crowd. Suddenly a fan came behind me and pushed me hard, making me fall on my stomach. A sharp pain went through my body and blood started seeping through my legs. I screamed and started crying. Niall came down next to me, anger pulsing through him. He grabbed his phone and called an ambulance, telling them all the details. After a few minutes of intense pain the ambulance whisked me away and the police came to take the fan to be questioned. Niall gripped my hand and tears spilled down his cheeks. I curled up in a ball. I was in agony. Next thing I knew I had blacked out...

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