That Holiday <3

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26. Morning Sickness-Ellie's POV

I was sat with Niall when I had the sudden urge to throw up. I stood up and ran to the bathroom and was sick in the toilet. I collapsed on the floor and left my head on the toilet seat. I guess this was morning sickness. Niall suddenly came running in and sat down next to me, rubbing my back. "No Niall I don't want you to see me like this." I moaned. 

"Too bad because I'm not leaving you to throw up on your own. I am going to support you all through your pregnancy and all through our child's life." Niall replied. I smiled weakly and threw my head over the toilet bowl again as I was sick. Niall planted soft kisses down my shoulders as I sat back up. I felt a bit better now. I stood up and looked at myself sideways in the mirror. My baby bump was a bit bigger now, poking out slightly from under my vest top. Quickly I brushed my teeth, washing the horrible taste out of my mouth. I planted a small kiss on Niall's lips. "Minty fresh!" he winked. 




(Sorry not the best chapter just felt like I needed to update!) 

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