That Holiday <3

This is x-StoleMyHeart-x's new account, I will be writing That Holiday on here now!


25. Huge News!

I woke up in the morning to Ellie jumping up and down on my bed. It had been 3 weeks since her wedding and she loved married life. "Amy, get ready and come to the living room quickly! I need to tell everyone something!" she said, already full of energy. I mumbled back and she ran out, leaving me to get changed. I got up and changed and realized that Zayn was already up and in the living room. I quickly brushed my hair, leaving my pajamas on. I stumbled downstairs and sat down. "Yeah?" I questioned.

"Well..." Ellie started. "I'M PREGNANT!" she shouted. Everyone cheered. Wow. I smiled and hugged Ellie.

"Are you gonna find out whether it's a boy or girl or not?" I asked.

Ellie looked at Niall. "No, we want it to be a surprise." Niall smiled. He grabbed Ellie by the waist and pulled her towards him. He kissed her cheek and said, "So we want baby name suggestions!"




(You're welcome Ellie ;])

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