That Holiday <3

This is x-StoleMyHeart-x's new account, I will be writing That Holiday on here now!


8. Helping Zayn!

The next day we all woke up early, planning to go to the beach. I put on a blue bikini and a blue flower print sun dress. I grabbed some sunglasses and brushed my hair quickly. Zayn had blue trunks on. "WE MATCH!" I yelled. After everyone else was ready, we went down to the beach. Everyone was heading to the water. "Are you coming Zayn?" I asked. "'m..uh...gonna catch up on..uh my tan." Zayn mumbled. "Oh don't like water..." I whispered. "We don't have to go far babe and I will be with you all the time." I whispered to him. He kissed me and said "Ok..." I grabbed his hand and ran to the water. We slowly walked in. When we were about waist deep Zayn stopped "Can we stop here?" Zayn asked. "Of course!" I replied. After 10 minutes Zayn came further out. After 2 hours he was really confident! We swam back to the sand and dried off. I felt so proud of Zayn! We got back in then had a shower then I cooked some chicken with potatoes and vegetables. After we had eaten it we all went to bed. Zayn sang me to sleep again. For the second time I had one of the best sleeps ever.

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