That Holiday <3

This is x-StoleMyHeart-x's new account, I will be writing That Holiday on here now!


20. Another Proposal?

You grabbed Zayn's hand and walked over to Liam's door. Zayn shook his head at you. You shot him a pleading look and he gave in. You pecked him on the cheek and knocked on Liam's door. He opened it slowly and you could see that he had been crying. His eyes were red and he still had trails of the tears. "Liam!" you whispered and hugged him. He sniffled again.

"Did you need anything?" he asked.

"Can you come to mine and Zayn's room in 10 minutes?" you asked him. He nodded and shut the door as you and Zayn walked off. You went to the other boy's rooms. They all said yes. 

Me and Zayn got back to our room and waited for 10 minutes. They all came in and sat down. "We have an announcement to make!" Zayn shouted. 

"Ooooh, announcement!" Louis yelled.

"Me and Zayn are getting married!" I screamed. All the boys jumped up to congratulate me. 

Niall was a bit quieter. "Are you ok Nialler?" I asked gently. 

"Guys, I um have something to say too!" Niall mumbled. 

"Speak up hun!" I said.

"Ellie, I love you and I have never felt this way about anyone else. You are my soul mate and I may only be 19 but you Stole My Heart and I want to know...will you be mine forever and marry me?" Niall said confidently. 

Ellie had tears in her eyes. "Yes, yes, yes! Niall I love you with all my heart and I PROMISE you I will be the best wife you could wish for!" Ellie muttered through her tears. Everyone cheered and that night we had a party!

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