Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


9. Part 9- Saturday's Drama

The next day came, and i turned over and fell out of bed and on top of Justin.
-"I'm so sorry Justin" i got up.
-"haha why? it's fine baby"
-"okay, so Josh will ask why you're in my room"
-"Cause we didn't want to wake him and you thought it'd be easier then the couch"
that's why i love him. i kissed him before i he opened the bedroom door.
-"by the way, the sex was great" he winked.
-"you're so funny. we didn't have sex... yet" i grabbed whatever clothes i had and put them on. with justin out of the room of cause. i headed down stairs and i heard talking.
-"hey justin. i didn't see you last night. when did you come back?" that was Josh talking.
-"you were in bed. i forgot my keys so i stayed the night."
-"where did you sleep?" he asked.
-"on the floor in your sister's room. she thought it would be much comfortable on the floor in her room at the door, then on the couch"
i smiled. i tried to wait and hear what Josh had to say.
-"nothing happen? cause if something happened between you and her Justin i swear i'll kill you"
-"i know, and nah. nothing happen. it was so late and we went to bed. her in the bed and i was on the floor"
-"mmmm... well. okay i mean it's never going to happen again. i can let it slide"
i walked into the kitchen and saw them on the table eating breakfast. i smiled at them both and grabbed a plate.
-"so what you talking about?" i asked. but of cause i knew.
-"You let justin stay the night and in your room"
-"Josh-" i was cut off
-"it's cool Summer. i mean it's never going to happen again. so let it be"
what the hell? i mean i know i heard before i come in, but something must have changed in him. he would never just say that. but hey, i dont want to test my luck
-"so since it's saturday. you all want to head out to the mall?" Josh asked us
-"What about Ben?" Justin asked him
-"can't come"
my smile went even wider. -"i'm like so in" i said to them
-"yeah, me too" Justin replied.
we smiled at each other before looking down. a date with justin and now this? im loving it so much. maybe Josh will think otherwise about me having a boyfriend and will think Justin's a good choice.
we ate breakfast. Justin and Josh talking of cause, video games. nothing else. but i was upstairs getting ready. i mean i have to look good. i was doing my hair when i got a text.
TEXT: -"Miss me?"
i thought, who was this?
TEXT: -"who's this?"
i asked.
TEXT: -"baby, how can you not tell it's me Ben?"
how the fuck did he get my number?
TEXT: -"how did you get my number? and leave me alone"
TEXT: -"i got it from your bro's phone and nope, i love talking to you baby ;)"
gross. i didn't reply back. but that was no good.
TEXT: -"babe, you're ignoring me. :( maybe tonight, i'll show you why you don't ignore me ;)"
and with that, i didn't reply and was about to leave my room when again, i heard a phone go off. i checked my phone but it was Justin's. it was on the floor. he forget to pick it up. i took it and opened it to see a message from a blocked number.
Knowing that it's not the right thing to do since i am his girlfriend. but i couldn't help it. what if justin was cheating on me? i mean why not? we are secretly dating. He might want to be with someone who he can show off in public.
TEXT: (blocked number): -"Justin? we need to talk. Call me ASAP"
That was all. i locked his phone again and took it down with me. i tired to hold my tears in. he was cheating on me. i knew Justin wouldn't like being with me in a secret relationship.

we got in the car. i was in the back. i saw Justin looking back from the front seat every now and then. i gave him, his phone back. but i never told him i read it. he would hate me.
-"what's wrong sis?" Josh asked me.
-"Nothing" i said.
everything was wrong. everything. i looked out the window, not caring if justin was looking at me or not. i didn't want to talk to him. we arrived at the mall. Josh parked the car and we got out. Justin opened the door for me and i got out.
-"Babe, what's wrong?" he said, trying to kissing me
i walked past him. this hurt. knowing he was with someone else, behind my back. he could have said "hey Summer, i don't like being in a secret relationship bye" and that was that.
But this hurt more. Josh came over to me and wrapped his arm around me.
-"Where to first sis?"
-"Seriously? Josh i don't think you'll like the girl shops" i laughed at him.
-"okay, you got me. So we'll meet up for lunch?" he asked.
i nodded and walked off. i turned to see if they moved, but they haven't and Justin was watching me.
I went into a shop called Ally Fashion. they mainly sell dresses. i was looking around and picking up dresses i thought was nice and went to try them on. As i was in the dressing room, i heard someone come in.
-"Sorry, this dressing room is full" i said.
suddenly, two arms wrapped around me. -"hey baby"
i knew that voice and turned around to see Justin. -"what are you doing here?"
-"you don't seem happy to see me. even if i did sneak away from your brother"
i turned back around and put my clothes back on. i tried to hide the tears in my eyes.
-"Summer, what is wrong? you ignored me in the car park"
-"nothing's wrong. now if you don't mind. i want to pay for these" i said and walked out.
i was handing the money over to the lady when Justin stopped me.
-"I'll pay for them"
-"No. i can" and gave the lady my money.
we walked out together, justin and i. i still wasn't going to talk to him. i didn't want to be hurt anyone.
-"Summer, please tell me what's wrong with you? did i do or say something?"
if only you knew. just then i got a phone call. ID my brother.
-"yes josh..." -"alright, we'll meet you there" and i hung up.
i looked Justin. -"Josh is waiting for us for lunch"
i felt Justin walking behind me. i felt bad, i know i should tell him or ask him. but... ugh!

At lunch, we met up with Josh.
-"where'd you go Justin?" he asked.
Justin was quick to reply. -"i had to pee and then saw your sister and come here"
-"so, what are we eating guys?" Josh asked.
-"McDonalds." Justin said.
-"i'll have a big mac meal, no ice in my drink" i said.
-"you're hungry aren't you?" Justin said
Josh left, and it was just me and Justin at the table.
-"No more joking around Summer. what is wrong?"
i thought, what the hell? might as well get this break up over with.
i began to cry, but managed to talk -"are you cheating on me Justin?"
he looked at me shockingly. -"what?" he grabbed my hands -"baby, i would never cheat on you. you know i love you"
-"But we can't be together in public. Don't you ever get bored or hate that?"
he kissed my hands. -"Summer. i don't care if we never go public. as long as i'm with you, that's all i need" he wiped a tear away. -"why are you asking me this?"
here goes nothing. -"i'm sorry Justin. your phone lit up and i saw the message"
he grabbed his phone and checked his messages. he started laughing.
-"why are you laughing?" i asked him.
-"hahahha baby... this blocked number is my friend Chaz. i named him blocked number cause he always has it blocked. baby you don't need to worry about me cheating. cause i will never cheat on you" he kissed my lips.
i nodded. -"I'm sorry for looking" i bowed my head.
-"It's alright baby... but i need to call him, hang on."
Josh come back with the food. he saw justin on the phone and just sat down.
-"bro... what's up?".... -"really? that's great. can't wait"... -"okay, see ya bro"
and he hung up. he looked at me and Josh and smiled.
-"my friend Chaz is coming down. i hope that's fine, with him hanging out with us?"
-"Nah man. that's totally awesome. we can play basketball or whatnot." they high-fived.
once we finished lunch, we went shopping for food. to bring something back for dinner. every time, Josh wasn't looking Justin would kiss me.
-"Justin" i laughed.
-"you love it"
i nodded. he was the best and now that i knew he wasn't cheating on me i felt much better around him.
-"come on guys, let's head home" Josh said.
As we got in the car my phone buzzed. it was a text messsage. i checked the ID. BEN.
TEXT: -"Can't wait to see you again"
And with that, my day went from bad, to good, back to bad. what was i suppose to do with him? why is my life hard?

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