Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


8. Part 8- Date Night with a Surprise

When we finished eating dinner, we got to the movies. we made sure no one was looking before we got out. if anyone saw, they would go straight to my brother.
-"i was thinking of a horror movie" tipically Justin. wanting to get me scared.
-"how about an action movie?" i suggested.
Justin looked at me surprised. -"Summer, you feeling arlight?"
-"haha, yes. why?"
-"well, girls don't pick anyting but romantic movies"
-"i'm not like most girls Justin" i kissed him.
we got our tickets and sat right at the back. justin said he was going to grab us some popcorn and be right back. i was on my phone when i heard girls talking. i looked up to see them talking to Justin.
-"ugh!" i bent my head back down.
-"what you doing?" came Justin's voice.
-"nothing" i said.
-"what's wrong?" he sat down and grabbed my hand
-"Summer, look at me and tell me please"
-"you think their prettier then me?" i asked
he looked at the girls again. -"who? them?"
i nodded.
-"babe, i only love you. you are the most prettiest girl in the world and you're all mine"
-"you're not just saying that?"
-"i was going to wait to give you this, but i think now is a good time"
he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a ring. he then placed the ring on my finger.
-"is this a promise ring?"
-"it's a promise that i will always be yours. i will always protect you and love you Summer. i will never hurt you, i will be yours forever"
i didn't know what to say so i kissed him. i kissed him hard and long. he pulled away from me and smiled.
-"see that's why i love you Summer"
-"i love you Justin. always have, always will."
Then everything went black and the movie started playing.

When the movie finished, Justin took me back to his car and i got in.
-"Justin, i was thinking we should tell my brother"
he looked at me shocked. -"Summer, you think that's a good idea?"
-"maybe i should talk to him first. so he doesn't know about us. see if his alright"
-"okay baby"
the car ride home, we just kept talking and laughing. i couldn't believe Justin gave me a prmoise ring. i love him so much.
-"here we are my lady. to where your car is hiding" he winked at me
-"Justin. i have something to say"
-"what? you don't like the ring?"
-"i love it. but that's not what i want to talk about"
we kept slient for a few minutes. i was trying to figure out how to say it. trying to think of how Justin would take it and say. This was so hard. but he will understand.
-"Justin, i'm ready to take that next step. i've been ready for a while, but i was afraid you'd think of me as a loser"
-"i would not think of you as a loser. but what you saying?"
i kissed him. i placed my right hand on his thigh. rubbing up and down. i then pulled away
-"Summer, you sure you want to have sex? we always said to wait until marriage. i don't want to pressure you. i mean, i'm up for it. but whenever you are"
-"i think i am ready Justin. i want to have sex with you."
-"right here?" he asked.
i looked around out the window. -"not now. it has to be special. i want to wait a few more weeks atleast"
he nodded. he always understood me. -"okay baby. when you say go, we'll go"
i kissed him with so much passion. he pulled me over to him and i sat on his lap.
-"i thought we were going to wait?" i said jokingly.
-"you're the one who started kissing me Summer" he smiled.
i felt his hands go around my back and up my top. he moved his lips off mine and on my neck. i moaned. this felt so right and so good. he began to suck my neck, which made me moan out a little more
-"mmm. ahhh, Justin"
i knew and felt Justin wanting to take my top off. i would have let him if my buzzer on the phone didn't go off, telling me i should be home. 
We stopped. i pressed my forehead up against his and looked into his eyes.
-"i love you Justin"
-"I love you Summer"
-"I better get going" i said to him.
haha. i love it when he does that. he wants me to stay
-"we will see each other soon babe" i winked at him
he smiled. -"you're to adorable and all mine"
i kissed him one last time and got out of the car
-"goodnight Baby boy"
-"goodnight baby girl"
i closed the door and he took off. but only after i got in my car and started it.
i drove home. thinking about what we did and how we both agreed on the sex thing. i was getting excited. i wanted to have sex with Justin, and now we are going to do it. sure we said after marriage, but when you know you'll be with someone forever then why wait?
i parked the car in the driveway and got out. walking to the front door, i didn't see any lights. Josh and the idiot must have gone to bed. i unlocked the door and closed it again locking it. i was a big girl, i didn't need Josh looking after me. i got upstairs and into my room when i heard a toliet flash.
-"great" i said. walking back to my bedroom door, about to close it.
As i was closing it, someone stopped it.
-"Sorry i'm late Josh. but i really want to go to bed."
-"well, let's go to bed then babe"
it was Ben. my eyes widened and i tried so hard to close my door, but he was stronger then me and pushed it opened.
-"get out of my room. you are not welcome. i will scream, Josh will get up and then you're dead"
-"go ahead baby. he won't hear you. i gave him a sleeping pill. his out like a light. i've been waiting for you to come back home"
-"Get away from me or i will call someone" i warned him.
i had my phone in my hands, and Justin's number on speed dial number 1. if i pressed it and Justin heard all this, he would be over here in seconds
-"who you going to call baby? you have no one, but your brother." he smiled. -"now shut up and let's have fun"
he pushed me on the bed. he got on top of me and started taking my top off. i didn't want this to happen. i was suppose to lose it to Justin. we were going to have sex in a couple of weeks. i didn't want this
-"now, be still and this won't hurt" he laughed. -"bullshit. it will hurt like hell"
he began taking my pants off. but to my god wishes someone knocked on the door. the front door. i couldn't be more happier. i didn't care if it was a murderer. as long as it stopped Ben.
-"fuck" he said. -"you fucking better answer that. Josh is sleeping" he pulled my hair, making me get up. i got my top back on and walked downstairs with Ben to the front door. i looked through our peep hole that we had and i smiled. a little
i opened the door and Justin was standing there
-"hey Summer. i was wondering if i could stay the night? i forgot to bring my house keys and im locked out"
i wanted to pull him inside -"of cause you can Justin. not a problem"
he entered and saw Ben standing there. he looked at me as to say "what's going on?" i slightly shook my head.
-"Hey Justin. you can stay on the couch. me and Summer will stay upstairs." he said.
-"Justin, you can stay in my room. on the floor of cause. i mean, Josh will understand. i don't think he would want you to be uncomfortable."
-"good idea Summer" he said, smiling.
fuck Ben. that piece of shit.
with that, Ben went back to his guest room and slept while instead on the floor, Justin was in bed with me.
-"thank you Justin"
-"for what?" he asked. confused.
-"for being here at the right now, you're my hero Justin" i kissed him
-"anything for my baby girl"
and we fell asleep in each other arms. i just can't wait to make love to him. this will be special.

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