Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


7. Part 7- Friday Night

i decided to walk home after school. get some fresh air. after what happened, i kinda needed it. plus i knew Ben would be over like always. he comes over on Fridays and spends the night.
-"That fucking creep" i said. i was never to swear, but he deserves it.
On my way home, i could hear footsteps. like this day couldn't get any worse? without looking behind me, i sped up my walking. i wanted to get home quicker. Suddenly, my phone starts buzzing.
stopping to answer the call i said -"hello?"
-"babe, where are you?" i heard Justin say.
lucky it was only him.
-"i'm on my way home. why?"
-"are you nearly there?" he asked.
why was he asking? Justin gets worried yes, but if his with my brother how can he... my mind was cut off by Justin's voice
-"Summer, are you nearly there?"
-"yes. it's fine." i started walking again while on the phone.
i heard those footsteps again, coming from behind me.
-"ummm, baby. i think someone is following me" i whispered into the phone
-"where are you? Summer please tell me where you are." Justin sounded really worried now.
-"like, five houses away from mine. Justin, i'm scared"
after that little scene with Ben in the closet, i was scared out of my brain. i wanted Justin to be here.
-"Don't move, i'll be there soon as" and with that, he hung up.
what am i suppose to do? wait here, with someone behind me? just then that someone grabbed my shoulder.
-"AHHHHHHHH" i yelled, turned around and punched them straight in the face.
-"OMG! Summer, babe what the hell?" Justin said grabbing his nose
OMG! i can't believe that was Justin all a long.
-"I am so sorry Justin. i thought it was some stranger, a kidnapper. you were on the phone to me. i didn't think it would be you"
-"i was trying to scare and be romantic at the same time to you"
-"well that wasn't funny, or romantic Justin. i was scared." his head was still down. -"did i hurt you?" i tired to look at his nose
he lifted his face and nothing was wrong. he wasn't even bleeding. -"you can't hurt me Summer. but it does hurt"
-"come back to mine, and i'll get you an ice pack"
we walked home, not holding hands as we know people would be watching. but we did brush up against each other.
-"here we are" i opened the front door.
when we walked into the lounge room, i saw Josh and Ben playing video games.
-"what the hell happened to you Justin?" Josh asked.
-"your sister punched me in the nose"
-"are you kidding me? what the hell Summer?" Josh said
-"by accident man, i was trying to scare her and she got scared alright. but she didn't do anything, just hurts a little."
-"i'll get that ice pack" i said and walked into the kitchen

As i was getting the ice and putting it into a towel for Justin. i spun around and saw Ben standing inches away from me.
-"hey Summer, how you doing?" he said, touching my hair and placing it behind my ear
-"leave me alone you ass" i tired to get around him, but he pushed me back. where i bumped into the bench.
he got really close to me. -"don't talk to me like that again." he smiled. -"and besides, we haven't finished our fun from today"
i felt Ben's hands rubbing up and down my arms. He leaned into me and planted kisses on my neck. i tired to grab something, anything to hurt him. but when i moved my hand, he grabbed them
-"don't fight this Summer, i know you want me. you've always wanted me. i see how you look at me" he pulled my right hand down to his crotch. -"touch it"
-"fuck off Ben. i'm not touching your sliming small thing" i pulled my hand away.
Ben was stronger then me and pulled it back there and made me grab hold of his dick. -"you fucking love it. you want me to fuck you, don't you?"
i started getting tears in my eyes. i wanted him to go. i didn't want to see him again. -"leave me alone, i beg you"
-"the only thing you'll be begging me is for me to go hard into you" he smiled and laughed.
He then grabbed my face and kissed my lips so hard i felt them going numb. backing away, he headed to the way Josh and Justin were. but turned around to see me again. -"it won't be long now Summer"
i was left alone, again. i wanted to cry, and i think i did start to. i slid to the ground and just cried.
-"hey, what's wrong?" i heard that sweet angel voice. Justin.
i looked up at him and he saw me crying.
-"Summer, why you crying?" he bent down.
i wanted to tell him, but then i saw Josh and Ben walk into the kitchen and Ben's face was like "don't fucking say anything"
-"i-i miss our mum." i said.
-"haha, Summer. you don't need to cry. why don't you call her?" Josh said. he gave me his phone. -"Come one guys, let's go back to playing the game"
they left, but Justin was still there. -"are you alright Summer?" he said, wiping away my tears.
i smiled weakly. -"yeah, i miss her"
he kissed my forehead and got up, helping me along the way. -"tonight, we will have fun Summer. okay?"
i nodded. he always made me feel better.
-"maybe you should go get ready. i hear girls, take forever"
-"we do not" i laughed and punched him playfully.
-"haha, sure you don't" he said and walked away before i could punch him again.
i walked up the steps and into my room, to get away. tonight was going to be fun. just me and Justin. nothing could ruin this.

Night come and Ben was still here. i was in my room, with the door closed as i was getting change. i tried on so many outfits, it wasn't funny. i wanted to impress Justin, even though he didn't care what i wore as long as i was with him.
-"mmm. i'll try this one" i said, picking up a baby blue colour dress that would sparkle in the light. i took out my black flats, i didn't know what Justin had in miind after the dinner and movie.
-"Summer are you in there?" Josh's voice come through the door.
-"Yeah, why?" i asked.
-"i was going to get something for dinner. did you want anything?"
-"i was going to go out for dinner and watch a movie"
i didn't hear anything for a little bit.
-"who you going with?" he asked.
-"just me. don't worry Josh, i can look after myself."
-"I know, but i don't want you by yourself... did you want me to come?"
his very sweet BUT very protective.
-"no Josh, you stay here and have fun with Ben"
i had finished curling my hair, leaving it down and went to open my bedroom.
-"wow. Summer, you look amazing"
-"thank you Josh."
-"you sure, you're not meeting up with anyone?"
i saw he had that "i'll kill the guy look"
-"Josh, im a big girl. if i was to date someone i can and i will. but i am going out by myself for a few hours, it's friday night"
-"i know, but i don't want you hurt Summer, i love you"
i kissed his cheek. -"i love you too Josh"
i walked down with him and said goodbye before opening the door and leaving. i got in my car and drove down the road to where i was meeting Justin. i parked my car in the bushes and saw Justin's car when i got out. as i was walking i heard voices.
-"OMG. there's Justin." ugh! seriously? Natalie?
i walked a bit closer to see her at Justin's car, talking to him.
-"what you doing out here by yourself Justin? you waiting for me?"
-"well, to be honest" he said. please don't say me Justin -"i am here waiting for someone who in fact is not you. so move along Natalie"
-"Bieber, i can rock your world so better then whoever you're meeting up with" she touched my man's arm.
-"Move along Natalie" he said and she did.
i waited a few minutes and then met up with him, got in the car and kissed him.
-"dinner baby?"
-"yes Justin. im hungry" we laughed and he drove off.
the night is just beginning and i already love it.

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