Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


6. Part 6- What Just Happened?

Before i start, i want to give a warning that this chapter contains just a little bit of R rated. so if you dont want to read, just skip that part okay? :) and please tell me what you think of the story so far <3

i was still trying to get away, to see if this was Justin or not. but he wouldn't let me
-"Don't need to be scared of me." he let go and turned on the light.
i turned around to face them and it wasn't Justin at all. it was Ben.
-"Omg, Ben you scared me. what the fuck are you doing?"
-"I want some fun with you Summer" he said licking his lips.
-"okay thats gross. and no. now let me go."
i tried to walk past him to get to the door. but he pushed me back and i hit the wall.
-"are you stupid? wait until i tell my brother"
-"like i'm scared of him. he talks big but never does anything" he said, walking closer to me
he got close enough, to place his hands on both sides of my head. blocking me.
-"i thought, me and you could have fun Summer. i always loved you" he said getting closer to my neck
-"you've always hated me now back off" i pushed him away a little
he smiled. -"i love a girl who fights" he grabbed my shoulders -"but you're not going anywhere."
where was Justin when i needed him? just then, Ben started kissing my neck moving his way up to my lips.
-"mmmm... you taste so good Summer" his lips brushed against mine.
i closed my eyes, praying that someone would open the door and find us. but no one did. god i need Justin now.
-"please let me go ben" i started crying
-"shut up bitch!" he slapped me.
Ben lifted my top up and over my head. -"fuck you have nice big boobs Summer"
he began to play with them. squeeze them. i wanted him to stop. i didn't want this. he took my right boob out of the bra and sucked it while his right hand went down to my shorts where he started playing around with my zipper.
-"maybe we should take these off too" he said while kissing my lips.
i never kissed back and that pissed Ben off. he slapped me again in the left cheek. i could feel myself burning up.
-"let's see what we have down there" he said, while getting down on his knees.
he unzipped my shorts and pulled them down. i didn't know what to do. i just wanted to die. Justin has no idea where i am. Ben could rape me right here right now and no one would know.
-"you like this Summer, don't you?"
i didn't reply, but that was a bad choice. he slapped and squeezed my thighs hard.
-"NEVER summer" he continued with my legs, grabbing them and kissing them until he got close to my vagina.
this was it. he was going to take it and i couldn't do anything about it. his fingers got close to my opening, i closed my eyes not wanting to see.
-"i've waited for this moment Summer, for you to scream my name while fingering you."
i pressed my back all the way up the wall. i was trapped. no where to go. but then nothing happened. Ben's phone rang and he got up.
-"shit, fuck." he answered -"yeah, i'll be there in a second. i need to finish something" and hung up
he looked at me. grabbed my cheeks together and smashed his lips into mine.
-"don't you fucking say shit about this Summer, or you'll get it harder then what i wanted to do. do you understand?"
my eyes were wide, i couldn't say anything.
-"did you hear me? if you fucking tell Josh or that fuck head Justin about this. i will rape you and kill you." he saw that i was scared -"see you soon babe, i  can't wait" he kissed and slapped me before leaving.
i slid down the wall after pulling my shorts and top back on and cried.

i finally walked out from the closet and went to my second period. i missed home group and first. i told the teacher i had a doctor's appointment and they believed me. as i walked to my seat, i saw every eyes looking at me. what was worse was Josh being in the classroom and saw me with tears
-"okay okay, eyes back up the front now" the teacher said.
i was shaking. i didn't want to believe that i was going to be raped by Ben. as the teacher's back was towards us, Josh handed me a note
-"are you alright? why were you crying?"
he saw my tears? great. i wrote back -"i'm fine, i fell and went to the nurses room" and threw it back.
he looked at me hard. he knew i was lying. but Ben made it clear that if i told anyone. Josh or Justin that he would rape and kill me.
-"you're lying Summer. tell me!"
again writting back -"just drop it Josh"
the bell rang and before i could leave the classroom, the teacher pulled me aside.
-"Summer, i saw you were in tears when walking in. is everything alright?"
-"yeah i'm fine. like i said i was at a doctor's appointment" and walked out.
great just what i needed. natalie.
-"so, i heard you were in tears in second period" she smiled
news travelled fast around here. -"leave me alone natalie"
-"or what? you'll get Josh to fight for you again?" she pushed me
i fell on the ground again. i didn't care. i just stayed there until she was done giving me awful names and then walking off. -"i'm coming for you Summer"
i walked to the toilets, but was pushed into the boy's.
-"ahhhhh help help" i screamed.
-"Babe it's just me. shh shh" i saw Justin and hugged him
it felt great being in his arms. i just wanted to be home with him cuddled up.
-"Summer, what's wrong?" he looked at me.
-"Summer, you were crying." he said while wiping away a tear
i know i should tell him, but if i did then he would fight Ben, letting the whole school know that justin was dating me which would mean Josh would kill him.
-"it's nothng Justin. i fell over" i hugged him again
-"are you sure? i don't want nothing to happen to you" he kissed me.
i loved him so much. -"i'm sure."
-"if anything's wrong tell me okay? i want to protect my baby." i nodded at him.
he lifted me up and hugged me tight.
-"i can't wait to spend the night with my baby girl tonight"
i laughed. Justin always made everything bad disappear. -"i can't wait too Justin. it's going to be the best"
bell rang. -"okay, remember i'll pick you up" he kissed me -"you go first, make sure no one sees you baby"
i walked out without being seen, as i turned the corner i bumped into Josh and Ben.
-"Summer, be careful sis."
i just stared at Ben who smiled. i gulped.
-"hey, you ready Justin? football training." Josh said to Justin, who appeared out of the boy's room.
-"ready as always."
the three of them walked away but Ben brushed up against me. i want this day to be over already.
-"i pray that the time goes fast, so i can get out of here." i said to myself as i headed to my next class.

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