Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


5. Part 5- Being Scared

**Still in Justin's POV** i woke up, only cause my phone was buzzing. as i moved, i realized i was still in Summer's room. i looked down at her. she still had her head on my chest. she was so cute.  i answered my phone -"hello?" i said while yawning.  -"Justin?where have you been? you've been gone all night"  that was my mum. i haven't told my mum about Summer. she would tell everyone about it. -"I'm sorry mum, i'm at a friend's house and we fell asleep" i got up and went to Summer's bathroom. -"as long as you're alright justin. well don't forget to go to school" -"i won't mum. bye" i did what i had to in the bathroom and left.  Summer was still sleeping. i kissed her forehead and she woke up -"morning sunshine" her eye went wide when she saw me. -"OMG! Justin. you slept here. what if my brother come in and saw you? omg omg, you have to leave" she got out of bed. -"babe, its alright." i tried to comfort her. -"Josh will kill you Justin."  i walked over to her -"take deep breathes. everything will be alright babe. he won't find out" i should't have spoken to early. cause right on time, josh knocked on the door -"OMG, Justin hide" Summer was pushing me away haha so cute, before i could think of anywhere to hide, Josh was opening the door. before he fully opened it i went and stood behind it. -"who are you talking too?" he asked Summer. i just looked at her hoping he wouldn't fine md here...  **End of Justin's POV**   **Summer's POV** -"Who are you talking too?" Josh asked me.  shit shit shit! he heard Justin. -"no one" i replied. he looked weirdly at me like. -"i heard voices in here Summer" -"its called singing and talking to myself Josh" i needed him to believe that. he stared at me. i noticed Justin wanting to go out, i slightly shook my head as to say "stay there" -"okay okay. just get ready for school" and then he left. that was a close one. i quickly walked over to the door and closed it. Justin grabbed me and kissed me. i loved it when he did that. -"see no sweat." -"do you know how much i was scared Justin? i thought he was going to see you and then kill you" -"Babe, its totally fine." he kissed me again backing up to my bed. we fell on top of it and Justin's hands started making their way up my singlet. i broke the kiss. -"Justin, we have to get ready for school" -"do we have too? he pouted.  i didn't want to. i never told Justin this, but i was ready to have sex with him. ready to give myself to him. i knew that he was the one.  -"babe, you okay? hello? anyone there?" Justin waved at me i pushed his hand away. -"im here justin"  -"well your brother keeps yelling at you to hurry up" we both got off the bed. -"go home and get ready before Josh picks you up Justin"  we kissed and he left, through the window of cause.   After picking Justin up, we got to school. he slid out the same side as me -"if natalie gives you trouble, tell me or Josh." he kissed me -"love you" i nodded and kissed him back -"love you too"  -"Hey, Summer" Josh's voice come -"if Natalie gives you trouble tell me or Justin okay?" -"i will. thanks" and i left them i headed to my locker and grabbed my books. but i heard natalie and her girls laughing at me.  -"how you feeling today cry baby?" natalie said i ignored her. i didn't want to start anything. so i started walking away.  -"what a bitch. i was talking to you" Natalie yelled out -"i'll get you Summer"  i turned the corner, but as soon as i did i got pulled into a closet -"ahhhhmmmmm" my mouth was covered so i couldn't yell.  -"hello there Summer"  i knew that voice. but without seeing the face, i couldn't tell who it was. maybe it was Justin playing a joke on me. he always did that. but before i could open my mouth, they spoke again.  -"you look so hot today" they said and kissed my neck.  i tried to move but they held onto me tighter.  -"get off me please, i beg you" -"no can do. you and me are going to have some fun"  this was started to scare me now. oh my god. i hope its justin playing a joke, if not. i'm dead!

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