Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


4. Part 4- **Justin's Point Of View**

i loved being home alone with Summer. she was my everything. but it was hard. keeping this, i mean us a secret. i so badly wanted to show her off to everyone. saying that she's mine. But apart from her brother who will kill me, i didn't want her to be killed by girls
-"Hey Josh. i was in the bathroom upstairs" i said climbing down the last few steps of the staris. -"what's up?"
-"haha. that's alright. i brought dinner home. where's Summer? you seen her?" he asked.
i couldn't get over how protective he is. i mean that's a good thing. i have a little sister too. Jazzy, and i will always protect her, but Josh goes over broad with it.
-"i dont know man. i think she's up in her room"
just then i heard her sweet voice calling from the stairs.
-"I'm here Josh, it's alright." she smiled.
i knew that smile was for me. like she would smile for her brother? yeah right.
-"i know sis. i just didn't want anything happening to you. not that i dont trust you Justin, it's just you know how i am about her dating guys and what not"
-"Josh, sooner or later i would want to date someone. im the same age as you. twins remember?" she made me smile.
-"i know Summer, but still. i just don't want to see you hurt"
Josh had a point. but i would never hurt Summer. nothing could make me hurt her.
-"if i ever get hurt, ill make sure you know. but i don't think i will get hrut Josh."
Josh turned to me. -"what you think Justin? is she already dating someone and i dont know about it? like a secret relationship?"
i looked at Summer. she was staring at me.
-"no man. please. having a brother like you, would scare any guy from wanting her."
he laughed at that. -"true? haha. not like you would date her. i mean that bitch natalie has a thing for you"
like i would date that bitch. after what she did to Summer? no way in hell.
-"Well, im going to get plates and all that. ill be back" Josh left.
Summer come over to me and hugged me. -"Justin would you ever hurt me?"
-"of cause not baby. but i think your brother would hurt me"
before i could talk, i heard Josh coming back. i pushed Summer away and sat down on the chair.
-"Summer are you alright from today at school? natalie is such a bitch." Josh asked her.
-"yeah im fine. i just wished she would stop, you know?" i heard the sadness in her tone.

After dinner Josh invited Ben over and Summer was in her room. Josh wasn't in the room, so ben started a conversation with me.
-"So Justin, i heard natalie was all over you today? you should totally go out and then fuck her" Ben said.
-"what the fuck? i wouldn't touch her. besides after what she did to Summer? she's a bully. not my type" i said.
Ben laughed. -"haha, i heard about that. good, Summer needs to be pushed around."
i got angry. -"she doesn't deserve to be pushed around Ben. she has never done anything wrong"
-"oh yeah? maybe she will." he said.
-"what's that suppose to mean?" i said. he was pissing me off.
before he could talk, Josh come back. -"2 cokes and and fanta. so what we talking about?"
-"about natalie being all over Justin and that he should date her" ben told josh.
-"ugh! that bitch! i would slap her. i can't believe she did that to Summer today."
Ben smacked Josh in the back. -"im sure it was an accident and you don't know what really happened. maybe Natalie was helping Summer and she fell"
is he serious? i need to go. i can't be around him.
-"im going to take a piss" i got up and went to the bathroom upstairs.
on my way i saw Summer in her room. laying on her bed and reading.
-"so sexy, what you reading? something sexy i guess" i winked at her
-"OMG! Justin you scared me and no i am not" she poked her tongue out.
-"you're cute when you do that." i got in her room and closed the door.
-"what are you doing Justin? my brother and Ben are down there"
-"Ben is a dick, i hate him" i went to her bed and pulled her up and hugged her tight.
-"we all know that Justin"
i leaned in and kissed her. somehow we lost our balance and fell on her bed, me on top.
-"i like this view" and kissed her nose
-"Justin, we should be careful. my brother could walk in anytime"
she was right. but i loved her so much that i wanted to stay with her instead of going down there again and facing Ben.
-"Maybe if i leave and then sneak in your window?"
i got up and headed to her door. -"ill be back in five minutes Summer"
as i walked down to say goodbye to Josh i heard him and ben talking about me.
-"Ben i don't think Justin would do that. he knows how protective i am, if he dated my sister and then breaks her heart i would kill him."
-"I'm just saying, we've known him for a couple of months. maybe he likes your sister"
i hated ben more. -"Josh i gotta go."
-"what? now? i thought we can play a game"
i saw Ben looking at me. was he smirking?
-"No can do. maybe tomorrow?" i said.
-"alright. i'll hold you on that" Josh led me out to the door
we said our goodbyes and i left. but i went around the house so i could sneak into Summer's room.

I couldn't believe Ben. did he know that me and Summer were dating? but how could he? i mean, we were very careful to not be caught by anyone. and the way he was talking, like he wanted to hurt Summer.
-"are you going to stay down there?" i looked up to see Summer
-"haha, no." i climbed the tree outside her window.
i've done this a thousand times. anything so i can see my baby. she helped me in and closed the window.
-"i missed you" she said, while hugging me.
-"i missed you too Summer" i checked her door.
i pulled her over to the bed and pulled her on top of me. seeing her face so close to mine, it was the best thing ever.
-"you have the cutest smile Summer"
-"haha, you're adorable Justin"
-"How about we go out tomorrow night?" i said.
-"what? but what-?"
i cut her off -"Summer, we were suppose to go out tonight, but things happened. i want to spend time with you, without having to worrying about your bro walking in"
i loved her so much. i did.
-"okay, justin. i'm so up for that. what you want to do?" she smiled.
-"dinner and a movie" i suggested.
she kissed me and nodded. yes. finally we are having our date.
-"are you coming to pick me up or meet at dinner?" she asked
she knew by picking her up, meant waiting down the street. -"pick you up beautiful."
-"okay baby. around?"
ohhh how i love her, always wanting to be on time. -"6:30pm. ill pick you. have dinner and then watch a movie"
-"not a scary movie Justin"
-"you have to wait and see" she punched me playfully.
she fell on top of me and i storked her hair. this was nice. we've talked about going "there" but for now we want to take things slow. thats why i love Summer
-"goodnight babe" i whispered in her ear.
-"mmm... goodnight Justin" and with that we both fell asleep

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