Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


3. Part 3- FlashBack **The First Meeting**

I woke up in my bed. i checked the the time. school had just finished
-"ugh! i hate that place" i said
-"i know baby"
i turned around to see justin standing in front of my bedroom door. he was holding a tray with food and drink on it. i sat up in bed and smiled at him
-"is my brother home?" i asked. i just didn't want Justin to get caught.
But justin came and sat down next to me with the tray of food.
-"No, he went out to buy dinner. so we have a couple of hours to ourselves" he finished saying with his lips brushing against mine.
-"haha, what you doing?"
-"i'm thinking you and me can have a make-out session Summer"
Justin placed down the tray on the bedside table and picked me up to place me over his legs. i wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him.
-"I'm sorry about before with Natalie" justin said while looking down.
i lifted his chin up and kissed him. -"it's not your fault Baby. it's hard seeing her all over you, but we said to keep us secret"
-"i know. i still remember that day when we said it"

my brother come home with his friends. i hated them. they didn't like me, so i didn't like them. simple. But i heard them talking from the top of the stairs.
-"did you see how Luke looked at my sister? i swear if he asks her out and then breaks her heart, i'm going to kill him." my brother said.
-"but what if he doesn't break her heart?" one boy said. i didn't recorginze the voice.
-"trust me Justin. his bad news. he goes around breaking all girls hearts. well his not touching my sister. no one isn't"
i could tell my brother was getting upset by his tone of voice.
-"dude, you can't say that. what if she wants to date someone? are you going to stop them? she's your twin, but you can't stop them dating" his friend named Ben said. That was the first time Ben has said something nice about me
-"yes! i will stop them or kill them. i know my sister, she will get so depressed! i will not let some asshole break her heart. that's final!"
thats when i walked down the stairs.
-"Hey sis" Josh said when they saw me. -"you remember Ben? well this is Justin, his new in town"
As soon as i saw Justin, i fell in love. he was the most gorgeous boy ever.
-"hey" was all i could say. i walked off into the kitchen.
As i was making lunch for myself i heard someone walk in
-"Could i have a drink please?"
i turned to see that Justin boy. i smiled.
-"so you know my name, but what's yours?" he asked as i handed the drink over.
-"I'm Summer. like the season haha."
-"nice name, for a pretty girl" He said.
i saw him walking closer to me. i didn't know what to do
-"Summer, when i saw you just now my mind went blanked. i'm sorry haha. um, did you want to go out?"
-"you asking me out? on the very first time that you've seen me?"
-"haha yeah, i guess i am. i think it's called love at first sight Summer" he smiled. i loved his smile
he was leaning in, i knew he wanted to kiss me. i didn't even give him my answer, but i think he knew it anyways.
-"Justin, didn't you hear my brother? he will kill you if we started dating" i looked down.
-"hey, beautiful. don't be sad. we can still be friends around your brother right?"
-"what are you saying?" i asked him. staring into his beautiful brown eyes
-"what if we keep us dating a secret? until the right time. i know your brother will love me dating you."
-"Justin, none of his friends even like me. he likes it like that."
i wanted to be with Justin and by the way he looked at me i knew he did too. so i agreed
-"Okay justin, let's be together in secret for now."
-"Thanks babe." he kissed my cheek and walked back to Josh and Ben
That's when this whole secret started. the very first time i met Justin.
**END FlashBack**

-"that was the best day ever. i remember it."
Justin smiled. -"remember your brother? i will kill them"
-"hahaha. yep. and you coming in the kitchen asking for a drink when really you wanted to ask me out" i moved my body, so i wasn't hurting him
-"did Luke really wanted to date you?" he asked.
-"yeah, but like Josh said he dates and breaks" i shooked my head. -"doesn't matter, i would never have dated him anyways. i only had eyes for one guy"
we kissed. Justin then rolled us over, so he was on top.
-"yeah for me" he said, while keeping his weight off me
-"for you baby"
Justin leaned down on me and kissed me. but it didn't last long. we heard my brother Josh shout from down stairs.
we looked at each other and laughed.
Justin got off me, to my disappointment and said -i'll go down first and then you"
we walked to my door
-"love you Justin
-"love you Summer"
i waited until i heard Justin talking to Josh to know that was my turn to head down.

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