Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


25. Part 25-Everything's Falling Apart *Part 2*

FINAL PART OF THE SEASON <3 Please leave a reveiw on what you think about it and if you'll read Season 2 :)

we were outside the bedroom.
-"Justin, what are you going to do?" i asked him.
-"there's nothing i can do Chaz. i said i would do anything for her and if Josh doesn't want me seeing her then i won't"
i knew he was choked up about it all. i mean, to have sex when her brother was here. that was so risky!
-"you can't give up... the Justin i know doesn't give up"
-"i've put her in danger so many times. Ben nearly raped her because of me. Chaz i love her, i do. i don't want to lose her, she's my life. but i can't risk getting her hurt"
-"Josh will not hurt her Justin. she's hurting right now, knowing she can't be with you"
he bowed his head. i knew he was crying. from hiding their relationship to having it all out. i can tell it broke his heart.
-"look Chaz" he said, lifting his head -"i know that you love her. it's not hard to see that. the way you look at her. you're a good guy"
-"Justin. she's amazing"
-"i saw you kissing her. i was about to come tell you i got the food ready to cook and i saw you and her kiss"
shit! he saw that? -"i'm sorry man, i didn't mean to fall in love with her. but she pulled away. she did. she loves you more and didn't want to hurt you" i said.
even though i wanted Summer to myself, i couldn't. i didn't want to tell Justin that i was going to plan away for me and her to be together.
-"i have feelings for her Justin, i do. she's beautiful, smart, funny. i fell in love and i wanted her. i'm sorry man."
-"no it's fine. you've always been honest with me. it's just, if i can't be with her then at least you should. i know you my whole life, you're a good guy Chaz. i know you wouldn't hurt her"
-"i wouldn't date her Justin. i can't" i said.
-"why not?" he said, looking at me
-"because she wouldn't date me. knowing that she already has a boyfriend. i don't care what Josh said. you and Summer will be together"
suddenly the bedroom opened and Summer come out. she had been crying again. she hugged Justin so tight. i wish that was me and her, but let's face the fact. she loves Justin. she wouldn't date anyone but Justin. i can accept that. my feelings will never go away, but i want them to be happy
-"Summer... no matter what happens, know that i'll always love you" he kissed her.
she wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. i didn't want to stop the moment, but i had too.
-"Summer, i think i should take you home now" i said.
Summer was crying, but she managed to speak. -"i love you Justin. if i have to sneak around again i will. i will do anything to see you"
-"well your windows are next to each other" i pointed out.
-"that's right. they are Justin" she smiled a little.
-"i'll always be here for you Summer. i want you to be happy okay?" Justin said.
-"i'm happy with you Justin"
-"i know baby" he kissed her and then hugged her tight. -"Chaz will take you home now. you can still call or text me okay? surely Josh can't take that away from you"
-"he won't. i won't let him"
they kissed for the last time and that's when me and Summer made our way down the steps, to the front door and over to her house.
-"thank you Chaz, please look after him"
the door opened. Josh was standing there. -"did you say goodbye?"
Summer nodded. i stood there, looking at how sad she was.
-"look Josh, i know you don't know me but--"
-"you're right, i don't. i didn't even know Justin, but i became friends with him and this is what happened. Summer is hurting"
is he blaming this on Justin? -"she's hurting because you took her away from Justin. i know Justin, his a great friend. and his hurting too right now"
Josh just shurgged his shoulders. i couldn't take this.
-"they kept it a secret, because they both knew how you would react. yes they shouldn't have had sex, when they knew you were there. but they love each other. Summer is old enough to date whoever she wants. Justin makes her happy and she makes him happy. isn't that what you want? her to be happy?"
Summer looked straight at Josh. -"Josh? don't you want me happy?"
-"i do. but i knew this would happened" he said
-"what?" i asked him -"her hurting? your the one who hurt her. i'm sorry Josh, but you didn't do the right thing here."
i stayed calm. i didn't want this into a fight. -"my friend is hurting, your sister is hurting. what are you going to do? they won't be able to stay away"
Summer looked at me. i shook my head.
-"they have school, their next doors, they will see each other when their outside. you can't stop them"
-"yes i can. because i called our auntie up and you're staying with her"
-"WHAT? YOU DID WHAT?" Summer yelled at Josh.
i turned around to face Justin's house and sure enough he was looking out the window. i took my phone out and texted him that he needed to come out here
-"YOU CAN'T DO THIS JOSH. I WON'T GO!" i hugged Summer.
-"man, come on. you can't do this. you seriously can't do this to her"
my phone buzzed and i saw the text. it said he wasn't going to cause anymore harm to her. i rolled my eyes. suddenly Summer ran over to Justin's house.
me and Josh got there. Justin opened up and she hugged him tight.
-"Justin i don't want to go, please. i want to stay here with you"
-"what's going on?"
-"my sister will stay with our auntie"
Justin looked shocked. -"dude, you can't. just because of what happnened? if you want i'll leave. but not your own sister"
-"it's got nothing to do with you anymore Justin. leave her alone. she's going and that's final!" he pulled Summer away from Justin.
-"JUSTIN please. i love you, i want to stay with you"
-"i love you too Summer. i love you"
Josh took Summer to the car and started driving out of the driveway onto the road. Justin suddenly ran onto the road to stop them
-"JUSTIN!" I screamed out.
the car stopped, Summer got out and hugged Justin. i watched from the curb. this was making me tear up. i can't see my best friend lose the only thing that he loves.
-"Justin i love you. i don't want to lose you" Summer said to him.
-"me too Summer, but if he wants you to go. i can't stop him. i can't."
their foreheads touched and their lips connected. Justin hugged Summer so tight that even though you can tell she couldn't breath, she didn't want to let go.
-"promsie me you'll be happy. promise me that we'll see each other again Summer"
-"i promise Justin. i won't date anyone else. i'll come back here and we'll be together"
-"maybe your brother will calm down on the drive over and will change his mind"
she nodded. Justin wiped her tears away. she smiled.
-"there's that smile i love so much."
-"Justin promise me the same thing. that you'll be happy... i can't make you promise that you won't date anyone else"
-"i wouldn't date anyone but you Summer. that's a promise. i won't be happy until the day we meet again."
they kissed for the last time. Justin helped her back into the car.
-"Josh, for what it's worth i'm sorry. i love Summer so much. i would have never hurt her. she was my Queen."
Josh thought for moment. i stood by Justin now. -"look, Justin. i'm trying to hard to stay calm and not kill you. you're a good friend. but i can't trust you anymore and this is for the best. for now"
and with that he drove away. taking Summer away from Justin. taking away the only thing that mattered to Justin in his life. not his friends or family, but his true love. Summer...
-"what am i suppose to do now Chaz? she's gone. i don't even know if i'll see her again"
i don't know what made me say it but i said it anyways. -"i have a strong feeling that you will"
he looked at me and then to the road that was now empty. -"i hope you're right."

-"i hate you Josh. i will never forgive you for this. you took away the only thing that mattered to me. the only person who ever loved me"
i sat in the back crying.
-"i had to do it Summer. you went behind my back, dated Justin, had sex with him."
-"cause i loved him! i fucking love Justin. it doesn't matter, as soon as mum comes home, that's when i'll be coming home too"
-"she's not coming home until the end of Summer"
i smiled. i saw Josh looking at me in the mirror
-"what's funny Summer? cause i sure don't fucking think this is funny at all! she will hear about this and you'll be in so much fucking trouble"
little did he know, that when he said end of Summer, that Summer was going to end in 3 months. i'll be back in Justin's arms and Josh won't be able to say anyting about it. cause mother will allow me to have Justin. but i was still fucking pissed and upset for what is happening.
-"i fucking hate you! i don't care what you do to make it up to me. i will never ever forgive you. you never wanted to see me hurt, well guess what? the only boy who hurted me was you! my own brother!"
tears were still falling down my face. i missed Justin so much. but knowing that mum will be back in 3 months made me smile a little. i will see Justin again. everything will be right again.
-"i love you Justin. i will see you again"
i closed my eyes and fell asleep. Justin did say, that i could text and call him. even if we are apart for now, we will never be apart from each other in the heart.
After an hours drive. -"here we go. nearly there" Josh said.
i fucking hated him, but he was my brother. he hurted me so much. after everything i've been through, nearly raped by Ben, being with Justin, getting caught naked with Justin. i can't believe he did this to me.
he stopped the car -"come on out Summer"
i sighed, wiped my tears away and got out of the car. i looked up to see my new home.
-"why couldn't i just ran away with Justin?" i said to myself.
i saw my auntie and knew this was it. i couldn't do anything now. i was trapped.
-"we'll see each other soon Justin. i love you baby"
and i knew that i was right, that i will see him soon. it was not going to end like this. me and Justin will be together again. we had been through so much that i knew deep down it wasn't ending. our love was strong, our bond is strong. this was not the end. i just know it.........

THE END...... For Now ;) Please give a review on how you thought i ended it and if it was good and if you will read Season 2 that will be posted sooon :)

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