Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


24. Part 24-Everything's Falling Apart *Part 1*

So before you began to read, i want to let you know this story (season 1) is coming to an end. Part 25 will be the last part. HOWEVER, i will be making a season 2 :) so please if you want to read what happens in the season to come, keep an eye out for it. i will post Season 2 once i have finished posting this season :) everything comes to end, but not this great story. it will have a season 2!

-"hey, does anyone know what happened to Justin or my sister?" Josh asked.
it has been a while since we had seen them. i was wondering if they were upstairs together. i still had feelings for Summer. i still wanted her to be mine. but what should i do?
-"did you want me to go check on them?" i asked Josh.
-"maybe we should all go and find them" Ben chipped in.
i swear i wanted to kill him there and then.
Josh nodded. -"alright."
we got up from the table and walked inside. i sent a quick message as to warn him, but he didn't reply back. as we were walking upstairs, i heard a faint moan.
-"ummm... maybe Summer needed to go home and Justin took her there" i asked.
if i heard a moan coming from Justin's room, that i didn't want Josh to walk in on them.
-"we live next door" Josh told me.
-"yeah, but Justin's not the type to let one of his friends go home themselves."
no use. all three of us heard a loud moan.
-"did you hear that?" Josh said, while walking closer to Justins room.
i side looked at Ben. i saw a little smirk on his face. this was not good. Josh opened the door and just as i knew, Justin and Summer were in bed naked.
-"WHAT THE FUCK?" Josh screamed out.
-"Josh, it's not---"
-"SHUT UP SUMMER!" Josh was about to walk in the room, so i grabbed his arm. -"TAKE YOUR HAND OFF ME!!"
i did. i looked at Justin. in a way, i was happy that their secret has finally come out. maybe now i can move in on Summer. make her mine. but at the same time. Justin was my friend and he was dead meat.

i pulled the sheets over me more. this was embassarssing. i can't believe we got caught.
-"Josh, it's not--"
-"SHUT UP SUMMER" joh screamed at me.
he made his way over to us
-"Josh, please it's not Justin's fault" i tried to explain.
-"dude... Summer's right. it's not mine or her fault. we've been secretly dating. we wanted to tell you at the right time"
Justin started getting dressed with the sheet still over him.
-"you've been dating behind my back Summer? and when was the right time Justin? after you fucked my sister... to which you did!"
Ben walked up to Josh. -"we should teach him a fucking a lesson Josh"
i got up. sheets covering my whole body and stood next to Justin. Chaz made his way over too.
-"don't you dare touch him Ben. after everything you've done to me"
Josh's head moved from mine to Ben's. -"what is she talking about?"
-"nothing man. you know, just the name calling" Ben tried to lie, but i wasn't having it.
-"you think your friend here is so good. then why didn't he tell you about trying to rape me at the beach? or tried to rape me at school? how about that for a friend?"
i was shaking and i felt Justin wrap his arms around me. if everything was going to end like this, then i might as well tell the truth about everything. Josh moved away from Ben.
-"you.. you tried to rape my sister? twice? what is wrong with you Ben? i thought we were friends?"
-fuck you and being friends. all i wanted is to get into your sister's pants. she seemed like an easy fuck" Ben said. -"isn't that why Justin wanted her too? i mean she is easy" he smirked.
with one quick move, Josh punched Ben in the face. -"fucking leave and don't ever think of coming back... we're not friends!"
-"don't worry. now or later, i will get Summer. you'll see Josh. you can't protect your sister forever... i'll be back one day" and he left.
Josh just stood there in the middle of the room.
-"Josh?" i said.
-"we're leaving"
-"but i don't--"
-"Summer, we are leaving. get dressed."
Justin moved away from me and walked over to Josh -"man, come on. i love Summer. i would do anything for her. i--"
"you need to stay away from her Justin. i don't want you to see her. i don't want you near her"
-"we're next door Josh. you can't seriously tell him to not see me!"
justin tried to touched Josh's arm, but he moved it. -"we're like brothers Josh. we're family"
-"family don't go around dating each other or even fucking each other. we're nothing Justin. Summer i want to see you home in 15 mintues. say goodbye to Justin and Chaz. you're never going to see them again" and with that he walked out.
i stood there. not knowing wheather to cry or be angry with my brother.
-"Justin, he can't make me not see you. i love you." i walked up to him. -"please Justin. we need to make him see that we belong together"
-"right now, you need to go. Josh is already mad. we don't want him to hurt or kill you Summer"
we looked into each other's eyes. i began to cry. i didn't want to lose Justin.
-"baby, don't cry please. we will sort this out. we will be together" he said, wiping away my tears.
-"how long will it be until we can?" i asked him.
-"i don't know Summer. but i will do everything in my power okay?" he kissed my lips.
i nodded. still crying.
-"i'll take her home" Chaz said, finally talking for the first time.
-"thanks man"
Justin and Chaz were outside the bedroom while i was getting dressed. it was all ruined. Josh will never let me see Justin. even if i try to sneak out, Josh will know. i looked around Justin's room for what could be my last time.
-"i'm going to miss this." i picked up the photo of me and Justin. i kissed it. -"goodbye" and more tears came.

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