Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


23. Part 23-Justin & Summer's first time having sex *RATED R*

THIS PART CONTAINS SEX. if you don't want to read, sorry. but this whole chapter 23 has sex in it. you've been warned lovely readers <3 sorry for not posting earlier. part 24 will be done soon. *RATED R*

Justin pressed his lips to my folds. he was kissing my vagina like it was my mouth. i felt instant pleasure when he touched me with his soft tongue.
-"Ahhh ohhh Justin" i closed my eyes.
i felt him move away, i opened my eyes to see him looking at me.
-"baby, you need to be quiet. we don't want your brother up here seeing this"
-"i can't help it. you're fucking giving me pleasure Justin. i can't keep my moans in"
he smirked. -"like this?" he moved his head back down and licked my pussy again.
-"yes, fuck! baby!!"
his hands were slowly making their way up to my boobs. he placed them inside my shirt and started squeezing my boobs hard.
-"Justin..." i ached my back.
-"mmmm..?" was all i heard Justin say.
he was so busy on my vagina. sucking on my clit. the pleasure was so amazing, i never wanted this to end. i always wanted to have sex with Justin and now we're doing it. while my brother was down stairs. but worrying about Josh now was no use, when i could feel myself tense up.
-"Justin, i'm... i'm about to cum"
with that, Justin thrusted his tongue in and out a few more times and i cum. my juices tickling down my legs. Justin was sucking it up. my eyes were closed tight. my back slowly started to fall back on the bed.
-"baby" i whispered out.
-"you loved that didn't you Summer? i made you so wet. taste it baby" he said to me.
i opened my eyes to see Justin sticking a finger in my pussy, then bringing it to my mouth.
-"open Summer"
i parted my lips and let Justin's finger slide in. closing my lips up, i moved my tongue around his finger and tasted my own cum.
-"like it baby?" he said, smiling.
i nodded. i held his finger inside my mouth for a few more mintues, before letting him slide it out. he climbed back up to me and kissed my lips. his right hand on my boobs still
-"i think we should lose the top and bra babe" he smirked.
i sat up, making it easier for Justin to remove my top and bra. once they were off and on the floor, Justin wasted no time in placing his mouth on my right boob, sucking my nipple. his left hand on my left boob
-"FUCK FUCK FUCK!!" i screamed out.
my hips thrusting into the air, hitting Justin'S dick that was still tucked away in his pants.
-"baby, i want your pants off."
removing his pants and boxer together, Justin's dick popped up. my mouth fell open.
-"baby, you've seen it before" he laughed.
-"i know, but still, your so big"
my hand went to it and touched it. his dick felt amazing. i wanted more.
-"oh baby" he moaned.
-"you like that?"
-"ohhhh yeah"
i began to jerk Jutin off. he was loving every thing that i was doing to him. he flipped us over.
-"baby, suck it." he said. -"get me hard so i can jam it up you easily."
i moved my head down to his dick. i grabbed it with my hand and slowly placed my lips, kissing the head of it.
-"baby, don't fucking tease me"
i didn't. i removed my hair from my face and lowered my mouth on his dick. i began sucking it up and down.
-"ahhh fuck Summer."
i got up. -"shh baby, my brother will hear you" i said, before going down on my dick again.
i felt Justin grab my hair, pulling it. i could feel that instead of me moving my head up and down, he was thrusting his hips upwards, so he could push his dick into me.
-"yeah, suck it Summer. fuck...!"
i felt his dick hardened and next thing, i felt was cum coming out and into my mouth.
-"ohhhhhhh shit" Justin managed to say.
i pulled away from his dick and looked at him. his eyes were closed.
-"enjoyed that baby?" i asked him.
i went up to his lips and kissed them.
-"Summer, i love you. this right here is amazing." he said, cupping my face and kissing my lips.
i sat just above his dick. i was ready for the next step. i knew it would hurt me, but i wanted this. Justin flipped us over.
-"are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.
-"yes Justin."
he nodded. he grabbed his dick and slowly started sliding it in my vagina.
-"AHHHHHHHHHH IT HURTS!" I screamed out.
-"Summer, please. shhh... if you want me to stop, i will. but you need to be quiet my baby"
Justin was slowly pushing more into me very slowly.
-"no, Justin. i want you to keep going. please."
he didn't stop, he kept going in and out very slowly until i got use to the pain. but then it wasn't pain anymore, it was pleasure. i grabbed onto his shoulder, as we rocked up and down on the bed. Justin thrusting into me.
his eyes closed. -"Summer. mmm.. yes baby"
-"Faster Justin. faster"
he began to pick up his pace. our hips hitting into each other. the pleasure was to much, i was getting turned on so much by Justin.
-"kiss me baby" i said to him.
he lowered his head and kissed me. i opened my mouth and our tounges fought. Justin was holding my legs, pushed them up so my knees were sticking up in the air as he kept his pace.
-"yes baby, let your cum out. i want to feel it run down, i want it to mix with mine"
i felt my body tense up, my back arched upwards, lifting me off the bed and within a second more a big relief come over me.
-"ohhh Justin, i cummed"
-"yes baby, i know. just hang in there for a couple more mintues"
i did. Justin was going faster and i felt his dick get harder in me. he arched his head all the way back
-"FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!" and then justin fell on top of me.
his cum was now in me. i had sex with Justin. i didn't regret it. i wanted this. i combed his hair as his head was laying on my chest. our hearts beating ever so fast.
-"Justin, that was--"
-"amazing." he managed to lift his head and i kissed him.
we laid on his bed, just us. both naked. the air smelt like sex but i didn't care. i loved Justin. he loved me. it was prefect.
-"Summer, i love you"
i smiled. -"i love you too Justin"
-"thank you for this baby" he told me
-"no baby, thank you for making this the best ever"
as we were about to fall asleep, i heard Justin's bedroom door slam opened. justin rolled over to my left side, we both sat up and looked towards the door. standing there was Chaz, Ben and Josh.
-"WHAT THE FUCK?" Josh screamed out.
i knew then me and Justin were about to get killed.

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