Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


22. Part 22-Justin & Summer gets ready for sex *Rated R*

THIS PART AND PART 23 CONTAINS SEX SCENES, if you don't like it sorry but this story did contain sex. you've been warn my lovely readers. <3 *RATED R*

**Summer's POV**
we sat down for lunch, Josh couldn't be more happy now that he said Ben can date me. and on the look of Ben's face, neither could he. i kept looking at Justin. i was thinking about what he was thinking of doing.
-"babe, can you pass me meat?"
i didn't. like i was going to listen to him? fuck no.
-"Don't worry i'll get it" he leaned over me, kissed my lips and spoke again. -"wait until we're alone babe. i'm going to fuck you so hard"
i pushed him off. -"i'm going to the bathroom. excuse me guys"
i looked at Justin, who was mad by the way. he caught my eyes, so i rolled them towards inside. hoping he would understand it. he nodded a little and i walked off. i went into Justin's bathroom in his room and just looked at myself in the mirror.
-"i can't believe this is happening." i closed my eyes, taking it all in.
-"i can't believe how sexy you look"
i turned around to see Justin standing in the doorway. i smiled, walked up to him and hugged him.
-"how long have you been there? did you get up straight away?"
-"no babe. i waited for five mintues, before deciding i needed the bathroom too" he winked at me.
i hugged him even tighter. his arms wrapped around me felt so good. so amazing.
-"Justin?" i pushed off from him.
we stared into each other's eyes. -"yes Summer?"
i swallowed before telling him the biggest decision of my life. -"Justin, i want to do it now"
i waited for him to respond back to me, but he just stood there.
-"Justin, can you say something?"
he still didn't. instead he lifted me of the ground and carried me to his bed, where he got on top.
-"haha Justin."
-"shhh baby. we have to be quiet. if a certain someone hears us"
i nodded. i kissed Justin. -"please be gently with me baby"
-"i always am beautiful" he kissed my forehead.
his hands were on the side on my head, so he could keep himself up, as to not put to much weight on me. his head was burried in my neck, where he laid kisses after kisses. but it was when he pinched me that made me jump.
-"oww. Justin"
he lifted his head up. -"what? what did i do?" he started to look worried.
-"nothing, it's just i felt a pinched."
he smiled. -"babe, i'm just sucking on your neck. leaving a beautiful hickey"
i pulled him back down on me and whispered. -"Justin, let's get straight to it"
he placed his lips to my ear. -"first i need to get you nice and wet babe"
i felt his hands roaming down my side, over my stomach. i bit my lip when i felt them unbottoning my pants.
Justin could tell i was tense. -"baby, relax. i will be gentle with you" he kissed me.
i lifted my butt up so justin could take my pants and panties off. he was just staring at my vagina.
-"you don't like it? omg..." i tried to get up, but Justin pushed me back down.
-"babe. i didn't say anything. you have a beautiful vagina." he then kissed the inside of my thighs.
he got closer to my pussy with every kiss. i closed my eyes as i felt his lips press softly on my opening. i shivered. his hands moved my legs up, so my kness were sticking up in the air.
-"if you don't like any of this, tell me babe and i will stop" he kissed both of my thighs.
-"i will Justin"

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