Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


21. Part 21-Ben knows the truth & Justin wants to do IT?

-"what?" i asked him.
-"why don't you tell the truth to Josh about you and Summer?"
my mouth fell open. -"how did you know?"
-"wouldn't you like to know?" he smiled.
-"he doesn't know anything Justin" Chaz tried telling me.
-"i don't? i don't know that you and Summer went into the classroom at school? i don't know that you pushed her into the boy's toilets at school?"
how did he know all this?
he kept going -"or how about you sticking up for her when i said she needs to be pushed around? or that look you gave me i told you she would be doing something bad"
-"Stop it Ben. shut your fucking mouth" Chaz said, trying to walk up to him but i stopped him.
-"what about your dinner and movie date? how did that go? all the sneaking around you did. you didn't think someone would find out?" he smirked.
-"how do you know all this?" i asked him again.
-"what does it matter now? Summer is mine. Josh even said so. you lose Justin." he started walking outside.
Chaz was about to say something, but Ben turned around. my eyes were fixed on him.
-"Just wait until i make it offical though" he winked at me.
i tried to go at him, but Chaz got in my way.
-"don't Justin. Summer, wouldn't want you hurt"
-"listen to your friend Justin. after all, his in love with Summer too." and with that he walked out.
i watched as he left. i was fucking pissed. i don't care what happens, i'm telling Josh.
-"Justin. listen to me. if you go out there and start a fight, you might not see Summer ever."
-"are you in love with her?" i said to him.
-"what? no Justin. i wouldn't do that to you."
i was calming myself down now. -"i'm sorry Chaz. to even think you were in love with her. it's just when we picked you up at the airport, you and her. ugh! i'm sorry dude"
-"you have every right to think that, but i can assure you i love Summer as a friend. as a sister"
-"how did he know about all that though? we tried to be so careful. making sure no one saw us."
-"i don't know Justin. i don't know"
-"whatever happens pleae keep Summer safe okay?" i told him
he looked at me. -"why? Justin what are you going to do?"
-"i'm going to teach Ben a lesson"
i started walking, but just then Summer appeared at the door. one look at her and i felt so calm again.
-"what's going on?" she asked.
she looked at me then to Chaz, back to me. she come closer to me but i backed up. that's when i saw her eyes turn sad, her whole face was just saddened by my action. i coulnd't speak.
-"he knows" Chaz said for me. -"ben knows about you and Justin"
-"what? but how?" her eyes never leaving mine as she spoke.
-"we don't know. he come in here saying to Justin that he knows what you two have been doing"
she took a step closer to me. i didn't move this time. i wanted nothing more then to cuddle her. but i couldn't lift my arms. instead, she cuddled me without moving my arms. her feel was good. i need her.
-"summer, let's do it" i whispered to her.
she looked at me with a "what you talking about?" face.
-"seriously Justin. you want to have sex with Summer now?" Chaz said.
-"what's going on? why do you want to do it now Justin?"
-"if i don't then Ben will be your frist, he'll hurt you Summer. i can't let him do that"
she pushed off me. -"so you just want to do it? just so i don't get hurt? Justin i won't let him touch me"
-"i can't take that chance"
-"well the way you're sounding is like you just want to do it, so you can brag about it."
she was getting angry now. -"no Summer. please listen to me, i can't stand Ben touching you now. what if he hurts you? i don't think i can handle it babe"
she calmed down and kissed me. -"i know Justin. but he won't touch me"
-"he won't because i'm going to tell josh. After lunch. i'll come straight out with it. and whatever happens, just promise you'll love me still" i told her
-"Justin. no matter what happens. i will always love you. even if Josh tries to keep us apart, i'll always find a way to see you. after all, i've been sneaking around with for months."

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