Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


20. Part 20-Josh says yes to Summer dating

**Justin's POV**
-"so Justin. what do you say after lunch, you, me, Ben and your friend Chaz play basketball?"
i looked at Josh. i didn't want to be anyhere near Ben. But if we play Basketball then i can knock him down. i smiled.
-"sure"i said.
We were just finshing up with cooking and whatnot. Maybe this was good, throwing the ball into Ben's face. i was laughing in my head.
-"i was thinking about something else." Josh said, randomly.
-"about?" i asked him.
-"about Summer dating. i mean i can't make her stay single forever"
okay, this is good. Me and Summer were going to tell him anyways. What if he says i can date her? then i don't have to tell him we were already for a couple of months.
-"good for you mate. Yeah she should date. Even though you might think she'll get her heartbroken, you don't know that for sure"
-"yeah. i know. i was thinking about her dating someone i know already. So i know she's safe"
this is going to be good. Just then Chaz walked in. Nice one Chaz
-"What you talking about?" he asked.
-"Josh was about to tell me who Summer can date. His going to allow her to date now" i told him, as to shut up.
-"Anyways, i was thinking and it's a good idea that she should date Ben. I've known for him so long and his good. i know his made fun of her but..."
-"What? you can't!" Chaz cutted him off.
the fuck was he thinking of cutting him off? what the fuck was Josh thinking? was he seriously going to let Ben date Summer?
-"are you sure that's a good idea?" i asked him.
-"why not Justin? i've known him my whole life. i know his been mean to Summer but if any harm got to her, Ben would protect her" Josh told me.
Chaz was looking at me and i to him. i knew what he was thinking about and well maybe i should tell Josh. before he makes the biggest mistake ever.
-"Josh, i need to tell you something. it's very important."
Josh put down the plate of food. and stared at me. -"what is it Justin?"
-"well you see..." i was cut off by none other then Ben himself.
-"guys, what are you still doing in here?"
that fucking idiot. i seriously want to throw a knife in his head.
-"Ben i was just saying that i want Summer to date someone i know very well"
suddenly i saw Ben looking not at me, but to Chaz. i know they had words, well a fight. but still.
-"oh yeah. who's that?"
-"well i was thinking maybe you should date Summer. you've been my friend for so long and i know you hated her but yeah"
-"i don't hate your sister Josh. are you sure you want me to date her?" he asked Josh, smirking.
-"yeah. i want you to date her."
-"date who?"
oh no. Summer. please josh, don't tell her
-"i've decided that you can date Summer"
-"well thanks bro. like seriously? it took you this long?" she smiled.
you won't be smiling for long. she looked at me and her smile started to disappear.
-"so i can date? okay. thanks"
Josh put his hand up. -"yeah you can. you can date Ben"
her mouth dropped. she was in shocked. i wanted nothing more then to grab her and hold her. my Summer. she's mine. i saw Ben place his arm around her.
-"well babe. should we head out?" he said to her.
she looked at me, her eyes started to tear up. i bowed my head not knowing what to do.
-"okay let's head out everyone. im hungry" Josh said.
him, Ben and Summer walked out. Chaz just stood there, looking at me.
i didn't answer. if i did, it would come out as a yell
-"what are you going to do Justin? you going to just let Ben have her?"
-"what you want me to do Chaz?"
-"fucking go out there and tell Josh the truth"
-"i know i should."
-"and why don't you Justin?" came another voice.
me and Chaz looked over to the back door and saw Ben standing there.

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