Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


2. Part 2- School Time

We finally arrived at school. i opened my door and got out. Justin was on my side of the car too and we shared a kiss before walking our different ways. i saw him meeting up with his other friends, while i was walking inside the school to my locker.
-"Look if it isn't the nerd" i heard some girl say while walking past me
-"It's sad, how she will never get a boyfriend" another one said
-"i feel sad for her brother. being related to her"
i closed my locker after getting my books and headed off to my first class.
-"What a way to start of a brand new school year." i said
as i turned the corner i bumped into someone.
-"Im sorry."
-"shh... it's just me"
i looked up to see Justin
-"justin what are you doing?" i asked while looking around.
-"Summer we are in the same class remember?" he laughed a little
-"oh yeah. but still if someone sees."
-"this was the only chance i can get before the---"
he was cut off as the bell rang and kids were running down the halls into the classroom. lucky i had the door opened already to our classroom and me and justin got inside.
-"i will text you later Summer. i love you"
and with that he walked to his sit and i to mine, before the teacher and students walked in.
-"Yep a brand new school year. full of secerts..."

During the class, (history) i could hear girls whisper about me. But i just shook it off. If i showed that it gets to me then they will do it more.
-"hahaha oh Justin, you are so funny" one girl said.
i turned around to see Justin and Natalie (the school bitch). she had her hands on him and was really close to his face. now that pissed me off. i kept looking but only for a mintue as i heard the girl sitting across from me speak up
-"Don't you just love seeing Justin with girls Summer? imagine if that was you... oh wait. you can't because no guys would want you"
the whole class started laughing. i felt my eyes tearing up, as Justin stared at me. i knew he was sorry. that he didn't even like or wanted to be near Natalie. but it made me think why he would even love me
the Teacher tapped her desk and spoke loud -"Alright, class. settle down. you can fun have later"
i turned my head back around to face the front. but i knew Justin would be looking at me.
-"I would like you to get in a group of two and complete this little assignment i am setting you" the teacher come around with the paper.
i knew no one would be paired up with me. not even Justin. Some times it is hard not being able to be with him in front of people. but we didn't want anyone to know until the time was right i guess.
-"does anyone want to be paired up with Summer?" the teacher said while standing next to me
i laughed a little -"Mrs. no one ever wants to pair up with me. i always do these things alone."
-"yeah, because you're aloner and no one likes you" again the whole class laughed
-"see told you Mrs."
-"Well then you can have a longer time on it and you can pick one of your friends to help if you want" the teacher smiled at me and walked off.

While i was walking outside to have my lunch, i felt my phone virabte. i sat my lunch down and took it out. it was a message from Justin
-"hey babe. i'm really sorry about what happened this morning in first period"
i replied back -"not your fault. i understand"
not even a mintue went by without a text back from justin.
-"you sure, you're okay? i love you remember that. i don't want no other girl"
-"yeah i know Justin. i love you too. i just don't want to see you get hurt. but it hurts sometimes you know?"
it took five minutes before i got text from Justin again.
-"It hurts me too Summer. i know how your brother will react to us dating. his crazy you know? like full on! i don't want you getting hurt either babe"
-"hahaha. i know. he wants to protect me, but he can't always do that."
-"how about we meet up at the cinemas? no one will see us. its dark" he put a winky face
-"really babe? sure what time?"
-"7:30pm. meet me at the end of the road in our street. got to go, your brother's coming love you bye"
-"okay, love you bye"
from being teased and nearly crying to going on a date with Justin. anything so i can see him. even if i have to make up something so my brother will believe me, made me happy right now.                    -"Just another few hours" i said smiling.
-"Another few hours for what?" i heard someone say behind me
i turned around and saw Natalie and her friends. i got up, but she pushed me back down on the grass.
-"what? you going to have a cry Summer?" i stared up at her with teary eyes.
-"aww baby is going to cry... you're so weak Summer. i feel sorry for your brother. ending up with a sister like you"
i saw everyone walking up to us. as soon as they saw me they were laughing. in the back, i saw Josh making his way.
-"What the hell happened?" he shouted at Natalie
-"She fell Josh. i tried to help her, i swear"
-"Just back off Natalie." he said while helping me.
i felt another pair of arms grab me, i looked to see Justin
-"Thanks man." Josh said to Justin
-"No worries, you're my friend."
-"Justin. i know his your friend. but you don't need to help her" Natalie told him.
-"take me home Josh" Justin and Josh nodded to me
I hated going to school. but the only reason i go was because of Justin. i love him so much and i will put up with anything, even Natalie just to see and be with him
we got to the car and Justin got in the back with me, before i closed my eyes i heard him talking.
-"so movies out of the question?"
-"oh Justin. i love you"
-"i love you too Summer. now go to sleep." he said while lightly kissing my forehead.
and with that i did.

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