Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


19. Part 19-Chaz has feeling for Summer?

i hated Ben too. After what he did to Summer, i couldn't stand being in the same room as him. but i wanted to get things started, while Josh and Justin were up there with Summer. Ben was there in the kitchen watching me.
-"what?" i asked him.
-"oh nothing"
whatever! i don't have time to deal with him. i was about to go get Justin, Josh and Summer. and also to get away from him. i can't believe what he did, nearly did.
-"if you want to go another round, i'm more the happy too" he said.
i stopped in my tracks. -"ha. please. i totally can kick your ass mate."
-"oh really? i suppose it wasn't a fair fight, since you had Summer with you"
if he starts on her i swear. -"leave her out of this. you nearly raped her!"
-"i would have raped her if you didn't come brusting in. i could have been her first and make her feel so good" he licked his lips. -"imagine me fucking her"
-"you asshole! if you lay a hand on her ever again, i will kill. that's my friend, Josh's sister, Justin's gi-" i stopped myself before i said something that i'll regret. -"his friend"
-"so? like i give a fuck! Summer would have been mine. she made a deal with me. be my girlfriend and let me fuck her... she agreed to that deal"
i wanted to punch him. my hands were into fists. i needed to calm down.
-"what? what you going to do?" Ben said to me. -"want to punch me? wait! you want Summer to yourself? maybe we can both fuck her!" he started laughing.
i walked up to him and punched him in the face. -"shut the fuck up! Josh needs to know that his friend, is abusing Summer... his sister!"
he held his nose. -"Josh wouldn't care. he'd be happy that Summer got fucked. by his friend."
-"The only person who'll get to be Summer's first is..." i cut myself of. i was about to spill out Justin's name.
-"who? you? i can make that happen. You and me, fucking Summer"
-"Just leave her alone" i said to him .
i was walking out of the kitchen when i heard him say. -"Don't worry, i'll get her sooner or later! she's my girlfriend"
UGH! i hated him so bad. i was abou to head up the stairs when i saw Josh.
-"what's wrong?" he asked me.
-"nothing mate. is Justin still up there?" i asked him.
-"thanks" and walked up.
As i was walking to Justin's room, i couldn't help but think how gorgeous Summer was. she was beyond any pretty girls that i've seen, met or dated. to date Summer, would be the best thing.
-"stop it Chaz, she's with Justin" i said, slapping my head.
but what if i could make Summer mine? show her that i can love her just as much as Justin. when i kissed her, it felt so good. i wanted more. i wanted her.
-"shut up shut up shut up" i stopped just outside Justin's bedroom door.
i heard Summer telling Justin everything that happened. good. i mean it was better for her, now Justin can protect her. i heard Summer crying, so i walked in and continued the story.
After everthing that was said and done, Justin was pissed to the max, we heard a knock on the door. sure enough it was Josh and Ben. i saw his nose. dried blood. good. bastard!
i told Justin to go. i knew he wanted nothing more then to kill Ben. 
Justin stopped. one mintue i was telling him it wasn't his fault, the next he punched the wall. i didn't know what to say. my mind was thinking what if Justin can't handle being with Summer anymore and dumps her? she can be mine then.
-"didn't i already tell you that it's not your fault Justin?"
Summer, gorgeous then ever was with us. the way she was looking at Justin, i wanted that. but was i willing to ruin a long time friendship for some girl? i honestly don't know.
-"as much as this is all romantic, i'm sorry to break it up. Justin i know you don't want him here, but you have to put up with him for a few hours. sorry man. Summer doesn't blame you for anything, but she would want you to act normal around Josh and Ben" i told them, killing the moment and loving it a little.
even though Justin responsed to me, he was looking at Summer. ugh! i turned around and started heading down. either stay up there and think about Summer or face Ben?
-"there you guys are" Josh said.
-"sorry, Justin's mum rang up" i rolled my eyes.
Ben smirked, like he wanted to say something. but i ignored him.
Justin and Summer came down, not together, but when we were all together it was good. i was watching Ben to see if he would try anything and i knew Justin was looking at him too.
-"this is going to be so long" i said to myself.
How was i suppose to control it all? i was falling for Summer and this was a problem, but all i knew was Summer is who i want. but she's with Justin and Ben wants to hurt her.
-"what do i do?"
-"what Chaz?" Summer's sweet voice asked.
-"nothing, just thinking out loud"
i love you Summer...

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