Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


18. Part 18-Justin's Finding it Hard to just Relax

-"Is something going on here?" Josh asked.
-"no. i come to get Justin. i saw that he didn't come down with you and i kinda need his help. he was just checking his messages" Chaz said quickly.
Josh looked from Chaz to Justin with a weird face.
-"Okay then. we should get things ready. leave Summer, to get herself fixed."
Josh then walked up to me and sat down on the bed. he took my hands in his.
-"what's up Josh?" i said.
-"Sis" he whispered so only i could hear -"if they've, meaning Justin or Chaz, done anything to you. tell me"
is he kidding me? Justin and Chaz do anything to me? how about Ben doing something to me? what if Ben told Josh something about Chaz. Chaz and Ben did fight in that beach cabin
i shook my head. -"no no. Justin and Chaz are perfectly nice, wonderful, caring people. their just looking after me" i smiled at Josh.
-"mmm... okay. well, just be careful." he got up and turned to the guys. -"shall we start cooking?"
i saw Justin eyeing Ben. Ben was looking at me, smirking.
-"Justin. let's go man" Chaz was saying. he pulled Justin's hand and dragged him out of the room, after Ben and Josh. -"you need us Summer, let us know"
they all got out and i walked over to Justin's bathroom to get ready for what might be a very strange dinner...

*Justin's POV*
when Ben walked in my room, i wanted to punched him there and then. how dare he even steps feet into my house. i was watching him, to see if he does anything. sure enough he starts smirking at Summer.
-"Justin. let's go man" Chaz was saying to me.
i let him drag me out of my own room, but after Josh and Ben left it. i didn't want that fuck face being in there alone with Summer. i stopped just before the stairs.
-"i want to kill him Chaz." my face boiling from getting angry.
-"i know Justin, but you can't. i know how bad you're feeling right now. if it helps, i punched him back at the cabin"
my fingers were going numb from being in fists for so long. i seriously needed to show him a lesson.
-"i don't think i can keep my cool Chaz. if i can't i need you to either take Summer away or hold me back."
-"what if you punch me Justin? mmm? or Summer?"
-"what do you mean? i would never do that to you or her"
chaz grabbed my shoulders. -"what if you and Ben start an actual fight and somewhere in between me or Summer get in between and you punch by accident?"
i couldn't think of what i would do if i did. Chaz was my friend and Summer... she was my everything.
-"i'm just suppose to let him do whatever he wants? if their alone and i walk by and see him touching her, i'm suppose to just let it be?"
-"you need to try Justin" Chaz said. -"you know i'll always have your back. but you need to try first"
-"this is bullshit! my girlfriend nearly got raped by him! RAPED! you know how im feeling? like the most fucked up person in the world!"
-"why?" he asked.
-"cause i got into a fight with Summer, i told her to leave the car. i wasn't there when she come back for me! it's my fault!" i punched the wall.
i left my fist against the wall for a few mintues. not wanting to move it. Chaz was just looking, not knowing what to do or say. i was pissed to the max!
-"didn't i already tell you that it's not your fault Justin?"
i heard that beautiful voice coming from behind me. then i saw Summer placing her hand on mine and lowing it down, from the wall. she kissed my fist, before my lips.
-"it's not your fault. i don't blame you for anything."
i bowed my head. -"how can you not? i would never forgive myself if i was you. it's my fault" i felt tears starting to come in my eyes.
-"if the roles were different, would you blame me if something happened to you? would you be mad at me?"
how could i be mad at Summer. -"no, i could never be mad at you baby. i wouldn't blame you at all"
-"then, why can't you take the fact that i don't blame you for anything that happened?"
she turned my head around, to face her. tears were now falling down my cheek. i never cried in front of Summer. i'm a man, i shouldn't. but here i was, tears coming down and facing the most beautiful girl i've ever seen
she wiped away my tears. -"it's good to know you're human baby" she giggled
-"you shouldn't be seeing me like this" i said to her.
-"why not? you are my boyfriend, you are a human with feelings are you not?"
i nodded. i felt her hand on my cheek and i kissed her palm. -"i love you Summer"
-"i know Justin. i love you too"
-"as much as this is all romantic, i'm sorry to break it up. Justin i know you don't want him here, but you have to put up with him for a few hours. sorry man. Summer doesn't blame you for anything, but she would want you to act normal around Josh and Ben" Chaz said, killing the moment.
i turned around to him. -"you're right. it's just a few hours with that fucking rapist"
-"Justin!" Summer kinda yelled.
-"sorry, i just can't let it go. i'll never let it go"
-"i'll be here, chaz will be here. if i have too, i'll hold you down"
suddenly i smiled. -"i like the sound of that baby"
-"cheeky. okay. come on. Josh might think something of this"
i kissed her long and hard. it was just a few hours with that shit dick Ben. after that, i can relax and be with Summer.

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