Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


17. Part 17-Telling Justin the Truth

I was getting out of bed, while keeping an eye on Justin, who hadn't move from his spot yet.
-"Justin?" i asked.
there was no backing out from it now.
-"please calm down and come sit so i can tell you"
I bowed my head, and mumbled. -"nearly try to rape me twice, made me suck his dick"
as much as i mumbled them so low, Justin heard.
I looked up, tears were falling down and i couldn't stop them. i didn't like it when Justin's yelling.
-"please J-Justin. ca-can you stop yel-yelling?"
-"NO I CAN'T!" he yelled some more.
Justin was pacing back and forth in his room. i sat on the bed crying. we stared at each other for a few minutes before Justin finally softened down.
-"Oh baby" he said, walking to me.
he got on the bed and placed me on his lap so he could hug me.
-"Summer, i'm sorry that im yelling. but why didn't you tell me? how long has this been going on for?"
i rested my head on his chest. his heart was beating so fast, it was nearly going to pop out.
-"Summer, please tell me everything" he lifted my head up and wiped away the tears, before kissing my lips.
-"i didn't want to say anything because i knew that you'll react into hitting him." i began to say.
-"fucking right i would!"
-"Justin, please." he stayed quite. -"that would lead to my brother finding out about us. you know how he is and then to have kept us a secret right under his nose?"
-"it was for the--" i placed a finger on his lips.
-"it started just before school ended. he pushed me into an empty room and he put his hands on me. touching me down there." i looked down to my vagina.
i could see Justin's face turning red. so i continued.
-"then when you stayed over that night, i was in  my room and Ben come in. i thought it was you."
-"that's why it was strange seeing him upstairs, when i come to check"
i nodded. -"he pushed me up against the wall, made me touch his dick" i started crying again. i didn't want to say anymore, but i had too. -"he made me have a deal with him"
Justin looked at me. -"what deal?" he said with gritted teeth
-"the deal was that i was to be his girlfriend, so he can fuck me whenever he wants"
-"did you make that deal?"
-"i had too, he wouldn't stop touching me and letting my hand go from his dick. he was threatening me Justin. that's when i saw you outside my bedroom, i wanted to tell you then and there. but you left."
Justin bowed his head down now. from what i could tell, he looked so angry, but to himself more then anything
-"i shouldn't have left you. i should have made you tell me. so we wouldn't have this conversation now. what happened Summer? what happened at the beach?"
i shook my head. i didn't want to tell him. this part was the most painful one yet. my tears were falling, i just kept crying.
-"Summer, i need to know"
-"i come back to the car, to find you. i tried calling but you didn't pick up"
-"shh... it's fine Justin. i forgive you. Ben grabbed me, took me to a beach cabin. he undressed me and himself."
Justin kissed my lips. i knew he wanted me to continued. so i did.
-"he was strong Justin, i couldn't help it. he made me get on my kness in front of his dick. he made... he made me suck his dick Justin. i didn't want too, but he slapped me" i touched my red cheek.
you could tell Justin's eyes were full of fury. he wanted to do nothing more then beat Ben to his last breathe.
-"once, i finished, he picked me up and and and..." i stopped.
-"he was ready to shove his disgusting dick in her Justin. lucky for her, i got there in time" i was saved by Chaz, who was now standing in the doorway.
-"you were there? you saw them naked? you saw Ben about to fucking rape Summer?" Justin took me off his lap
-"Yes. i got there in time. i heard screaming coming from the cabins, i opened the door but didn't think it was Summer, as a naked guy was in front of me. i heard Summer scream out and i saved her"
Justin stood up. he was just standing there thinking.
-"What are you thinking Justin?" i asked, quietly
-"on how i should fucking kill him!"
-"you can't Justin. if you go down there now, in front of Josh he will find out about you and Summer" Chaz told him.
i'm glad Chaz was willing to help me out on not letting Justin do anything stupid.
-"i can't stay here after knowing what he did. how dare he even turn up to my house."
-"he can't leave now, cause then Josh will ask questions" i said to Justin.
i grabbed his hand and pulled him back down on the bed. i kissed his lips long and hard. when we pulled apart i saw those soft eyes of his again.
-"what do you want me to do Summer? i can't pretend to not know. i disliked him before, but now i want him dead"
-"i know" i said, softly -"but you have to pretend. if he finds out that you know, he could figure us out and then blackmail me with it"
-"she's right Justin. he will. that's not to say that he already does know about you two and that's why his doing it. but still"
Justin bowed his head. -"i can't pretend to smile in front of him"
-"who said you had too? you never did before. you have me and Chaz down there, as long as i'm close to you, Chaz or my brother he can't do anything unless im alone"
there was another knock on the door.
-"come in" i said, after Justin was standing up next to Chaz
walking in was Josh, followed by Ben.

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