Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


16. Part 16-Being in Justin's Bedroom

-"Who's the text from?" Justin asked me while his eyes were on the road.
-"Just my brother" i lied to him.
I didn't want him to know that it was from Ben. My eyes were starting to fill up with tears again but i wiped them away before i let them slip out.
"His still coming right?" Justin asked again.
-"yeah. he is" i replied back to Justin.
i quickly looked over my shoulder to Chaz, who was staring back at me. i knew he could tell by the way i was looking and sounding that it wasn't my brother at all.
-"Okay, we're here" Justin got out and went to my side. -"now baby, what i want you to do is go to my room and lat down. i'll bring you something up to you as soon as okay?"
he helped me out of the car and all three of us went inside his house.
-"wow justin. this is your house?" i said
-"wait" Chaz said. -"You've never been in his house while you're been dating each other?"
Justin spoke up before i could -"well we couldn't, or well she couldn't get away without her brother knowing every seecond detail. that's why it was hard for us to go out"
-"your brother is crazy Summer" Chaz said.
-"i know" i told him.
it hurt knowing i couldn't go out with Justin like normal couples and thought how much longer it would be before he decides to dump me.
-"okay, now off to my room. i'll be there in a minute"
i hugged Justin and walked up the stairs to his room. it was funny being in his room after i've spent so many times looking at it through my bedroom window. but here i was. i saw pictures of his mother and father. his sister and brother and photos of him and friends
-"so cute" i said to myself.
i walked up to the bed and saw photos of me and justin. hugging, kissing, pulling faces. i love him so much. i pulled the covers away form the bed, took my shoes off and climb in the bed. it smelt like him and i love that.
-"so warm" as i cuddled myself up and closed my eyes. -"just for a few"

i woke up, hearing a knock at the door.
-"hey, can i come in?"
-"Justin it's your bedroom" i laughed.
-"glad to hear your laughing beauitful" he walked in with a sandwich. -"here, i brought you this"
he come to the bed and sat down, handing me the sandwich. i started eating it
-"Thanks baby... i love your room and the pictures"
-"thanks Summer. i never thought i would get you into be, little lone in my bed" he winked at me.
i punched him playfully, but he grabbed my hand before i could move it back and brought me closer to him.
-"i love you Summer. you know i don't ever want to lose you"
i looked down, not wanting to meet his gorgeous eyes.
-"i know Justin. i love you too. But what if you find this relationship boring and want to dump me cause we can't be like normal couples?"
Justin lifted my head up. Tears were now coming down.
-"Summer, you know that i would never dump you. i love you, i said it to you before and i'll say it again. i don't care if we never tell anyone about us. as longas i'm with you that's all that matters"
i smiled at him. he was my everything. he kissed my forehead.
-"baby, i thought i'd lose you today. i never want to fight with you Summer."
i couldn't stop my tears now. they just kept falling.
-"baby" he said -"what's wrong? please tell me? i don't want to see you like this?"
i wiped away my tears. -"Justin i need to tell you something"
-"what is it?" he stroked my cheek that was red. -"is it the person who did this?"
i nodded. i had to tell him, about Ben and want his been doing to me. this can't keep going on.
-"Justin, you have you to promise me that you won't go and do anything or get angry" i took his hands in mine
Justin shifted himself better on the bed. -"who did this?"
-"Justin, please?"
-"i can't Summer. i can't promise anything. i want to hurt the person who hurt my baby"
-"for me Justin. please? if you do something bad, then we'll get none"
-"maybe we should Summer. we need to tell Josh. we need to tell him about us so i can finally protect you without having to hiding us"
-"what are you saying? that you can't protect me even if we're not known? that you don't want to be with me cause we're hiding?"
-"no baby" he said -"i will always be there for you, love you no matter what. but it'd be easier if everyone knew about us"
i thought about what he said. it would make my life easier knowing i don't have to put up with Natalie wanting to fuck him. i smiled at him. he was right.
-"okay Justin. we should tell him" he kissed my cheek -"ouch!" i held my cheek
-"im so sorry baby. now please tell me who did this to you?"
-"you can't do anything until we've come out about our relationship baby"
-"Summer, i already told you that i can't promise anything"
i nodded. -"okay... it's been going on for a while. well, just before school finished"
he came closer to me now, seeing as i was about to brust into tears again.
-"go on baby" he kissed my forehead.
-" was...." but before i could say another word, someone knocked on the door.
-"don't worry, now tell me"
another knock at the door.
-"you need to answer that Justin"
-"ugh! fine" he went to the bedroom door and opened. it was Chaz.
-"Justin, i can't find anything in your kitchen. where's the food and shit?"
-"really? right now?" Justin complained
Chaz saw how Justin was next to me and all -"oh sorry man"
-"it's fine Chaz. Justin go find the things for him" i said to Justin.
he wasn't pleased about that -"you were going to tell me what happened"
-"i will, but when you come back, i promise" i kissed his lips
-"you better. and you" he pointed at Chaz. -"i will kill you one of these days"
-"chaz you won't. listen go get me my stuff to cook and i'll keep Summer company and check on her"
Justin rolled his eyes. i remembered how he was in the car about Chaz and me talking. Justin got up and left.
-"So Summer... how are you feeling?" Chaz walked to the bed and sat down.
-"i'm sore, scared, tired"
he nodded. -"i'm sorry for what that asshole did. but you need to tell Justin okay? he needs to know"
-"yeah, i am. if he knows then i'll be safe"
Chaz nodded. -"good. remember you have me and Justin to protect you" he placed his hand on my thigh
i looked down at it. his just being nice. so i shrugged it off.
-"i'll remember that Chaz" i smiled.
i saw him leaning in more. next mintue his lips were touching mine. i pushed him back
-"what the fuck?" i said.
he placed his hand on his lips -"i am so sorry Summer, it's just you're beautiful. i am truly sorry, i know you're with Justin. please forgive me?"
-"i forgive you Chaz, i know you really mean it"
-"after what happened, it's the last thing you want is for someone to ruin it up again"
-"it's fine, as long as you don't do it again"
he nodded his head. -"i won't i promise... plus Justin will kill me" he laughed.
i laughed too. -"you're a good friend Chaz. glad Justin has someone like you"
-"well thanks girl"
we laughed some more.
-"what's funny?"
me and Chaz turned our heads to the bedroom door to see Justin and Josh.

-"hey sis, you're not feeling fine?"
-"yeah. im not."
-"Chaz, i got the things ready for you down there" Justin said to Chaz.
it was a way to get him out of the room.
-"cool, thanks man. i'll be down there cooking then" Chaz got off the bed and walked out the room.
it was just me, Josh and Justin in Justin's room. all of a sudden, it was awkward. having your brother and boyfriend in the same room when you're in there.
Josh walked up to me and let out a huge grasp. -"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?" he screamed.
-"it was a volleyball, it hit me in the face" i quickly made up
Justin was looking at me as to say "why lie?" but i had too.
-"OMG! Summer, are you alright?"
i nodded. -"just a bit tried"
-"you should go to sleep" he turned to Justin. -"thanks man. for letting her stay in here and helping her. you're alright in my books" he smiled.
-"haha thanks man, good to know" he smiled back.
Josh kissed my cheek. -"if you need anything, you have four of us down there. someone will bring food up soon okay?"
did i hear him right? four? -"Josh there's only three of you... Justin, Chaz and you"
-"and Ben" he added.
my eyes grew and i tensed up while sitting in the bed. i forgot about who was in the room as my hand reached for my red cheek. i just kept thinking. no... he can't be here. not here no...
Justin was looking at me with wide eyes, but i couldn't really tell, i was seeing him from the corner of my right eye
-"is everything alright?" Josh asked me, waving a hand in my face.
i finally looked at him, coming back to reality.
-"mmm...? yeah, all good"
-"are you sure? you were off in your little fantasy land for a few seconds there" Josh laughed.
i laughed too, just to not make it awkward again.
-"sorry, you know how i am"
-"yeah i know. well, i better go see what's happening down there between Chaz and Ben." Josh kissed my forehead -"you coming Justin?"
Justin didn't say a word.
-"Justin, man?"
-"yeah, i'll be there soon. i need to charge my phone and grab something"
-"okay, come down when you're ready Summer" and with that, Josh left the room
it was just me and Justin. by the way Justin was standing, so tensed and angry looking and his hands were now turned into fists that he finally figured it out.

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