Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


15. Part 15-Rescued By Chaz, My Hero

-"stop fucking crying you bitch! you love me"
-"i don't. please Ben, stop. if you do then i won't say anything to anyone"
-"remember Summer, you made a deal with me that you were going to be my girlfriend and let me fuck you"
Ben had his left hand up against the wall, helping him stand up while his right hand was on my head pushing me down towards his dick.
-"Please Ben let me go" i was crying so bad. i didn't want this.
-"you'll enjoy it. now open your pretty mouth"
i kept it close. i didn't want to suck his gross dick. so what did he do? he grabbed my hair. i wanted to scream, but i opened my mouth i knew he would jam his dick in my mouth.
-"fucking open you mouth baby" his grip on my hair got tighter.
he slapped my cheek and that's when i had no choice. i wanted to scream and i did, but it didn't last long due to his dick going in my mouth
-"now be a good girlfriend and suck it princess"
he began to thrust his hips, his dick in and out of my mouth. i was crying. i wanted someone to walk threw that door and stop Ben. kill him. i don't care. my tears were falling on his dick. but he didn't care.
-"moan Summer. moan on my dick" i could tell he was smiling.
he was fucking my mouth with his dick.
-"mmmmmmm...." was all i could say or do.
i could feel his dick getting harder and harder. he was enjoying this. enjoying hurting me. he jammed his dick all the way in, so his pubic hair was touching my nose. he kept his dick in there for a few mintues. i wanted to gag. this was so gross.
i guess he was about to cum in my mouth. he began to pump his dick in and out of me again and again. until i felt some kind of liquid moving around in my mouth.
-"suck it off babe and swallow it" he said while removing his dick slowly from my mouth
i got up and spat it out on his face.
-"you little bitch"
i tried to make a run for the door, but he grabbed my arm and slammed me back into the wall. i remembered i had my phone still and was hoping that Justin got my screaming for help
-"you fucking little whore! Summer, you are so going to pay baby. now get ready for the fucking of a life time"
he pinned my arms on the wall, got in place and with one hand removed from mine, he grabbed his dick and started to slid it in.
"AHHHHHHH" I screamed, hoping just before he slid his dick in me, someone would come in
and just then, my prayers came true when the door opened.
"eww. sorry man. i thought i heard--"
this was my chance. i knew that voice was Chaz.
he couldn't see me but i hoped he knew my voice.
i saw Chaz pulling Ben away and punching him in the face.
-"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? YOU'RE SUCH A DICKHEAD" Ben yelled back, getting up and punching Chaz in the face.
-"please Chaz, let's go. please." i grabbed his arm.
-"If i see you touching her again..."
-"you'll what? tell her brother? like his going to believe Justin's friend who he doesn't know over me?" Ben got dressed and started walking away.
he got to the door and stopped. i was afraid. i was now behind Chaz putting my own clothes on.
Ben turned around and smirked -"don't worry Summer, i will have you. even if i have to kill someone" and then he slammed the door.

i stood there, waiting for Chaz to turn around and say something to me. but he walked to the door and made sure it was locked. he then turned around, turn the light on finally and faced me. i remembered i was still naked and covered myself as much as possible.
-"are you arlight Summer?" he asked.
i didn't know what to say. was i fine? i started to nod but i couldn't hold in my tears and just cried. i began to fall down on the floor but Chaz's arms pulled me close to him and hugged me.
-"you cry Summer. okay? just cry."
-"i...i...i didn't know what to do. i thought no one was co...coming for me."
i was just crying, not even knowing i was making sense. i didn't want Chaz to see me like this. then how was i suppose to see Justin? he will know something happened.
-"we have to tell Justin, Summer. i'll call him" Chaz took his phone out.
-"no please don't tell him Chaz. Justin must not know" i wiped away my tears.
he looked at me confused. -"why? he needs to know Summer."
-"He'll go after Ben. then Josh will find out that i've been dating Justin and Josh will kill him."
-"why will he kill him?"
-"he doesn't like me dating anyone. his just like that. plus, i'm afraid" i bowed my head.
-"afraid of what?"
-"that Justin will get hurt. i don't want him to get hurt Chaz. i love him. i really love him." i said.
-"Summer, your brother needs to know about you and Justin and Justin needs to know about Ben."
i looked at him, with my face looking so awful. -"please Chaz. don't say anything to Justin?"
he just stared at me, not knowing what to do. he should tell his best friend what happened, but i didn't want him too.
-"okay Summer. i won't tell Justin"
i smiled at him, but he shook his head.
-"i won't tell him, but you have too. and if you don't tell him, then i will" he ordered.
i wanted to opened my mouth, but he placed a finger on my lips
-"that's what will happen if you don't tell him Summer"
i nodded. i guess his right. i should tell Justin about what happened, about Ben and everything. Chaz helped me up, i got dressed with Chaz looking away and then we walked out the cabin. the sun blinded my eyes.
-"here take my glasses" Chaz handed me his sunnies.
-"you do know, i still have to call Justin. he said if i found you or not i had to call him"
i nodded -"okay Chaz"
Chaz was a sweet guy, and i thank god for sending him to save me. without Chaz i don't know what would have happened if Ben got what he wanted. Chaz was my hero.
he pulled his phone out and dialled Justin's number.
-"did you want to talk to him?"
i shook my head. i was still trying to stop myself from crying.
-"i left my phone inside" i looked back.
-"i'll get it. just stay here" Chaz told me.
he walked back in and out within a second, talking to Justin
-"dude, she's here... *pause* she's safe Justin... *pause* we're at the cabins... *pause* alright see ya soon"
he ended the call.
-"is Justin coming here?"
-"yeah he is. he wants to make sure you're fine, before heading back to your brother"
we walked a little but only to a certain spot so we could sit down and wait for Justin.
-"why did he do that? Ben i mean?" Chaz asked.
what was i suppose to say?
-"i don't know. he knows how my brother is. he doesn't know about me and Justin so i really don't know why his now acting like this"
-"what do you mean by now? his never tried to do this before?" he asked.
i nodded. -"his always just called me names, or made fun of me."
-"you don't think he knows about you and Justin and to keep it from getting out, he does this?"
that could be true. Ben could somehow know about mine and Justin's relationship
-"but how?" i looked at Chaz. -"we've been very careful to not show any emotions in front of everyone"
he shurgged his shoulders. -"i'm just saying, he could know"
and if he did, then i'm more in trouble then ever.

finally Justin showed up and gave me a huge hug and kiss on the lips.
-"babe. i'm so sorry. this is my fault, im sorry" he kept saying over and over.
-"Justin, it's not your fault. why would it be?"
he kept on kissing me and kissing me and kissing me.
-"if i didn't get pissed and told you to leave in the car, none of this would happen. you wouldn't have gone back to the car for me"
-"It's not your fault, please don't ever think that Justin. i wanted to make sure you were alright. i should have just let you be"
he hugged me again. i felt really sore after what Ben did, but i didn't want Justin to know. i just wanted his hugs.
he pulled away -"Summer, your cheek is red as" he storked it with his thumb.
i covered it. -"i'll just need some ice"
-"what happened? who did this to you?" he was starting to sound angry now.
i looked at Chaz, he promised to not say anything.
-"i don't want to talk about it. i just want to be with you Justin"
-"babe, you need to tell. i need to know who did this so i can teach them a lesson"
-"i'm really tried Justin"
he looked at me for a few seconds and then spoke -"fine, but later you're telling me who did this okay?"
i nodded. -"i just want to go home now. i don't want to go to the beach"
Chaz finally spoke up since Justin had arrived. -"maybe that's a good idea. you don't want Josh to know what happened"
Justin nodded. -"yeah you're right" he took my hand in his
we walked back to the car and Justin opened my side of his car to let me in.
-"me and Chaz will grab your things and tell Josh we're going home. that you're sick or something"
-"thank you baby"
we kissed and i knew that the kiss meant more then just a kiss.
-"baby, hurry up so we can go"
Justin kept on kissing me. he didn't want me out of his sight again.
-"haha, Justin"
-"okay okay. i'll be right back sugarbabe" he closed the door. so i laid my head back on the seat and closed my eyes.
*tap tap tap* i ignored it. i didn't want to bother myself with that after what happened *tap tap tap*
-"ugh!" i sigh.
i opened my eyes to see to Ben at the window. i screamed. he was just staring at me. that's when i noticed his right eye turning purple. he was going to have a massive bruise. good.
-"you fucking say anything" he said through the window -"Or your fucking friend, i will kill him and then rape you again and again... remember, you're my fucking girlfriend"
-"no i'm not you dickhead" i shouldn't have said that, knowing the doors were unlocked.
Ben looked to see if the doors were unlocked, he smiled. i quickly locked mine and then pressed over to Justin's side to lock all the doors.
-"you fucking bitch! i will get you Summer" he turned his head to the right and then back at me. -"remember, one word and you dead meat" and he ran away.
i just wanted to die.
-"Summer, babe. open the doors."
i did. knowing it was Justin and Chaz.
-"alright, i told Josh to come over my house. we're going to have a BBQ." he looked over at me. -"are you fine Summer? i can take you home"
i smiled -"no no. i want to spend time with my baby at his house... will it be just us four?"
Justin kissed me. -"yeah, Josh doesn't know what happend to Ben" he started the car and drove off.
yeah, he just raped my mouth and nearly raped my vagina. that's what happened to Ben. my thoughts got interrupted though by Chaz.
-"we got your things Summer" Chaz's voice came from the back seat
i turned my head and smiled. -"thank you" i said, slowly and meaningful
Chaz nodded his head once, knowing what i meant by that thank you.
i closed my eyes, trying to get some sleep while Justin was driving to his house. i just want this day to end. but suddenly when i thought my day couldn't get any worse, my phone buzzed. it was a text. i unlocked my phone and went to look at it.
TEXT: -"I'm coming for you"

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