Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


14. Part 14-Beach Drama Time *Part 2*

i don't know why i was pissed. i just was. maybe it was the fact the way Chaz was with Summer. he knew about me and her and he was acting. ugh!. i just kept walking and walking. not even caring where i was going. but i knew that i was far from the beach now. good. if i saw her face, or his face.
-"ugh!" i ran my fingers through my hair.
-"what's wrong Justin?"
i turned around to see Natalie in her bikini.
-"go away Natalie"
-"why? Justin i know you've always liked me" she smiled.
seriously, if she wasn't a girl i would punch her. i love Summer. always have, always will. my phone started virabting. i knew that it must have been Summer, wanting to talk. 
-"how about we head to the beach? i mean, that's why you're here right?" she grabbed my arm.
i pulled away. -"i'm not going anyway with you Natalie"
i watched her walk away. i took my phone and saw it was Summer calling me. i ignored it. Chaz is my friend, but if he starts to flirt or even do anything to Summer i'll have to teach him a fucking lesson.
-"i need to tell Josh. it's the only way then i can be with Summer and keep her protected from anyone. guy or girl"
i nodded to myself, knowing that that's what i have to do. i started walking back to the beach. i knew this had to be done.
-"i rather lose the friendship, then lose Summer." i said to myself
my phone started buzzing again. this time it was Chaz
-"what's up?" i said. not wanting to really talk to him
-"is Summer with you?" Chaz asked me
-"no. she should be with you and her brother"
-"she's not. i asked her brother, he said that she had forgotten something in the car. i'm guessing that something was you"
i starting thinking and now i was panicking.
-"go check if she's at the car. i'll be there in a minute"
-"alright Justin" and he hung up
what the hell? if something's happened to Summer. i would never forgive myself. i should have been there. i shouldn't have gotten pissed.
-"shit this is my fault"
i was running back now. i had to meet up with Chaz. as i was making my way back to the car, i kept an eye our for Summer, in case she was walking around.
-"damn Summer, this isn't like you" i said to myself.
i finally caught up with Chaz.
-"dude. i thought she was with you here at the car still" he told me.
-"no, i told her i would be down with you guys in a few and then..." i stopped short
-"nothing" i told him.
-"we need to find her Justin. not just for your sake, but if Josh finds out"
-"i know, i know"
-"what you want to do?" he asked me
-"alright, i'll search on the right side of the beach, Chaz you take the left"
we both were walking away, but then i stopped, turned around and shouted out to Chaz.
-"meet back here 10 mintues. but call if you have her alright?"
-"you call too okay?"
we nodded. i was off again. i couldn't believe i had left her. all she wanted to do was talk, to make sure i was alright and what did i do? i told her to go.
-"i'm coming for you Summer. please be safe" and i kept looking.
As i was looking for you, my phone started going off again. i took it out and saw it was Summer. i answered the call, but i couldn't hear her voice.
-"Summer? SUMMER?" i yelled into the phone.
but still nothing. i listened, maybe getting something of where she could be.
-"please Summer, if you can hear me. please talk to me."
-"AHHHHHH..." was all i heard from her voice. her sweet voice.
and then the phone went dead. something or someone was hurting Summer. my Summer...

i have no idea what the hell got into Justin. he was quiet the whole car ride over here and now this? now losing Summer. what the hell was wrong with him? we agreed to meet back at the car in 10. i like Summer. she was fun and i could see why Justin loves her so much.
-"Oh Justin. what the hell did you do?"
i kept looking. i checked the beach and the car park. maybe she was just out walking, after what that girl did. whoever that girl was. how can anyone hate Summer. she was grogeous.
-"no Chaz, she's with Justin. don't even think about it"
how could i not? Summer was pretty and wonderful.
-"and the fact, she's dating my best friend" i face palmed my face. it would be bad if i started liking her. i didn't want to lose Justin as a friend. no way!
i walked and walked, i checked my phone, it was 12pm. i had only 10 minutes to find her. my stomach was annoying me with the sounds of "food. food" so i decided to go grab something while looking out for Summer. my phone buzzed and it was Justin.
-"hey, Justin i havent--"
he cut me off.
-"Chaz. Summer rang my phone" he said.
-"what? when? where is she?" i asked.
-"i don't know. all i heard was her screaming. Chaz what if someone is hurting her?"
-"calm down Justin. we'll find her. just keep looking"
-"what if she's hurt? how am i suppose to calm down?" he yelled into the phone.
-"just keep looking. call me back in 15" and i hung up
i couldn't get over what he said. "what if someone is hurting her?"
Justin would never forgive himself. he would literally go crazy, knowing that it was his fault. i don't know what happened between them, but it wouldn't be his fault. Summer would never think that. would she?
-"Summer... Summer, if you can hear me then come out from wherever you're hiding." i said.
i had to try something right? i was walking by the little beach cabins and thinking why would anyone stay in them, their so tiny. that's when i heard a scream. i stopped and listened. more screaming. i got real close to the cabins and slowly one by one pressed my ear to the door to hear if the screaming was coming out of one of them.
-"that sounds like... OMG! SUMMER!!" i shouted
i knocked down the door, only to see a guy's body. a naked body.
-"eww. sorry man. i thought i heard--"
was that Summer?

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