Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


13. Part 13-Beach Drama Time *Part 1*

after our hot steamy make out in the backseat, we were off to the airport. everything seemed quite in the car. we weren't talking to each other. i was afraid to even speak.
-"so i was thinking" finally Justin breaking the ice -"that tonight. i can give you, your first ever orgasm by just using my fingers" he winked at me
-"i don't know. can you do it?" i teased.
he looked at me. his mouth wide opened -"Summer. are you challenging me? i can so make you came"
-"if you can" i placed my hand on his dick. sad now that he was wearing pants -"then do it" i winked at me.
Justin parked the car at the airport.
-"oh baby, you're asking for it. right here, right now"
i leaned over my seat and kissed him on the lips.
-"i'm not afraid anymore"
-"baby, you will be. tonight." he began to take my top off again.
we were going to have another make out session, in front of the airport. where people can see us.
-"mmmm. ahhhh. Justin?"
-"can't people see us?"
-"nope. tinted windows"
he pulled my top over my head and played with my boobs threw the bra. he started kissing them. my head thrown back in pleasure of his lips touching my breasts. i wanted to pull his top off too, but then we heard a knock
-"really? right now?" Justin said.
-"come on man, open up!"
-"im guessing that's Chaz?" i said
Justin unlocked the doors and Chaz jumped in the back. his placed his suitcases in the back with him.
-"fuck! this car smells like sex" he said.
me and Justin both giggled.
-"ohhh gross. Justin. you didn't have sex did you?"
-"well, i mean. hot make out session, Summer playing with my dick. kinda" he laughed.
-"fuck! dude, clean your car next time before you pick someone up!"
i turned around in my seat and stared at Chaz. -"hello, i'm Summer"
-"wow... you're hot!"
-"dude back off" Justin told him.
-"well thank you. but for now and always. call me Summer"
Chaz winked at me. -"will do sexy"
-"Chaz, don't make me come back there" Justin warned him
-"and do what? make out with me? dude, no thanks"
i laughed. that was funny. Justin looked at me and i shurgged my shoulders.
-"where are we going?"
-"to the beach. we're meeting up with my brother Josh and his stupid friend Ben" i told Chaz.
-"okay, so Justin told me a little, but i have to keep you and him dating quiet?"
-"yes, if my brother finds out then he'll kill Justin. my brother doesn't like me dating anyone, in case i'll get hurt and heartbroken"
-"why don't you tell him about you two?" he questioned
-"we are. but not now" i explained. -"we're waiting for the right moment, i guess you could say"
Justin drove and drove. not saying a word. i was starting to wonder if it was of Chaz? Chaz seemed like a nice guy and wouldn't do anything to hurt Justin. so why was Justin acting like his about to kill Chaz?
i leaned into him -"Justin are you alright?"
-"i'm fine"
something was totally up with him. great! now his pissed. this is what i wanted. to go to the beach, with a angry boyfriend, a nice friend, a brother and Ben the perv.
-"okay" and i looked out the window.

we arrived at the beach, that Josh said to meet him at. chaz got out the car while taking his top off and threw it in the back. Justin wasn't making any attempt to leave the car. i didn't know rather to leave or stay. Josh would think something's up if i don't meet up with him.
-"i'm going to meet up with Josh" i said and opened the car door.
Justin didn't say a word. he was just staring out the window. i shurgged and was getting out when i felt justin's hand grip my arm. i turned back and faced him.
-"yes?" i asked him
Justin didn't say a word. he just pulled me back in and kissed me hard on the lips. i closed my eyes for a better effect. but still knowing his pissed at something i wasn't enjoying it. so i pulled back.
-"what's wrong Justin?" i stared into his eyes.
-"nothing. just go now. i'll come soon"
i can't believe what is happening. after a sexy make-out session that happened not that long ago, it's turned into or should i say turned someone pissed.
-"baby, you can tell me what's wrong" i went to place my hand on his arm, but he moved away from me.
i could feel my eyes filling up with tears, so i grabbed my stuff and walked out the car.
-"hey sis" Josh said to me when i met up with him.
-"hey bro"
-"so where's justin? is that his friend?" he pointed at Chaz who was in the water.
-"yeah it is. his name is Chaz."
-"he seems fun"
i rolled my eyes. i placed my towel down on the sand and my bag which had a water bottel, food, book, and my Ipod plus Iphone. i turned my head around to see if Justin was coming but all i saw was Natalie and her friends.
-"oh hey, Summer. fancy seeing you here. i mean, you're clearly not hot enough to wear that bikini here. more likely to wear it at home, alone." she laughed.
-"hey Natalie, leave her alone" Josh said to her angry.
-"oh i will. i wouldnt touch, little lone stand anywhere close to her" and with that she walked passed me and over to where more of her friends were.
i groaned. -"really? she has to be here? i thought she was going to Europe with her family for the summer holidays?"
-"i guess not" Josh said.
great, with everything that's happening right now i do not need her here. Justin still hasn't come over from the car. so i decided to go check on him
-"i forgot something in the car. i'll be back" i got up and walked back to the car.
when i was at the car, Justin wasn't there.
-"where could he have gone too?" i said to myself.
the car was locked. but i didn't really forget anything anyways. i had grabbed my phone before coming back to the car. so i unlocked it and straight to Justin's number. i dialled it.
-"pick up. pick up" i said into the phone.
it went straight to Justin's voicemail. i hung up and dialled again.
-"looking for me?" i spun around hoping to see Justin, but it wasn't. it was Ben.
-"go away"
-"but baby, remember i said we were going to have fun?" he said, smirking.
i pushed past him, but he grabbed my arm tight.
-"you're not going anywhere, until i had my fun with you Summer." he began to drag me away from the beach, away from Justin's car and over to a little beach cabin.
-"let go of me. i'll yell."
he laughed. -"no one will hear you babe"
i remembered i had my phone and re-dialled Justin's number. hoping he would pick up and hear my cry for help and well help me.
-"get in there" Ben pushed me inside a dark cabin. it had nothing in there.
Ben pushed me up against a wall and looked me up and down, licking his lips.
-"i'm going to have so much fucking fun with you Summer, you will be screaming for me"
he began to roam his hands up and down my body. stupid me and this bikini.
-"Fuck, you look so good in this babe, i could just fucking eat you up."
after he said that, he came close to my ear and licked my cheek. gross. his hands found their way to my back and untied my top. my bikini top fell and i covered my boobs. Justin's the only person who's seen my boobs.
-"now now. don't be shy Summer." he grabbed my hands and placed them over my head.
he held onto my hands with one hand, while his other roam down and landed on my boob. he began to squeeze it.
-"owww owww stop stop" i pleaded.
he didn't stop. he then brought his mouth to my boob and sucked, while his free hand went down to my bikini bottoms and started taking them off. he successeded. i was now naked in front of Ben.
taking his mouth away from my right boob. thanking the lord that it was dark in here that he didn't see the hickeys that Justin left earlier. he looked at me.
-"Summer, your body is the most fucking sexiest body ever" he kissed my lips. -"now enjoy my fingers babe, while i dive them into your pussy"
he started kissing my neck, as his fingers played around with the folds of my vagina. he touched my clit and i jumped. i wanted this to stop. i wanted Justin to walk in and help. where was he?
-"enjoy baby. for in about 5 minutes, my dick will be in you" and then i felt his two of fingers go in me.
-"AHHHHH... STOP STOP FUCK IT HURTS" I screamed out, but it was no use. no one was coming to save me.
Ben kept going in and out of me, his fingers were rough and the harder he went, the faster he went too.
-"you like this bitch? you like me finger fucking you"
i didn't want this. i wanted to die.

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